About Us

amit picture1In this fast communicating world when news and information is losing its depth and gravity due to the compulsion of being posted or telecasted first and fast the real challenge has emerged to differentiate between real information , news and propaganda.

The diverse and different methods of technology has given new dimension to the whole concept of news and views are surrounded and sometimes loaded with preconceived notions to create long lasting impact on viewers with help of technology and visuals.

In this era of fast communicating world the real challenge arises before journalism and intellectuals to provide a platform where news can be analyzed in classical form to give an insight to readers , opinion makers and journalists as well to go into details of any news without being affected with noise, rush and swiftness to be seen or listened first.

The team of ( Amitabh Tripathi) AT news analysis will go into deep to every incident , happenings , events and behavior of leaders or community leaders and their statements which have the potential to affect the mindset of people or have the potential to affect the pattern of their thought process and behavior.  It will not be an ordinary news portal but like a “ Dhaba’ or “ Restaurant” on highway where anyone who are going for long drive with fast speed  can rest for a while and re-energize him or her to go further.