Arunachal Pradesh crisis and reading between the lines

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Arunachal Pradesh CM Nabam Tuki cries foul
Arunachal Pradesh CM Nabam Tuki cries foul

The ongoing constitutional crisis in frontier state Arunachal Pradesh has been in news for last few days and political as well as constitutional crisis was in the making for last few days and its anti climax started to unravel since yesterday when Congress President Mrs Sonia Gandhi led a delegation to the door steps of President Pranav Mukherjee to intervene in the arising uncertain situation in Arunachal Pradesh.

Since yesterday few dramatic developments have taken place in state which not only ignited the debate on the misuse of governor house which was more common till 90’s when single party rule  in centre with comfortable majority was almost the rule of the game in Indian politics but since 1989 when coalition governments started to be formed at centre and more and more regional parties with provincial and local aspirations become strong the threat of misuse of governor house evaporated and in almost 25 years there were only few occasions arise when either president rule in any state was imposed or role of governor was alleged with political motivation in creating political instability in any state to benefit certain political party.

But suddenly the political drama in Arunachal Pradesh has reminded the days of Mrs indira Gandhi and to some extent Rajiv Gandhi when Delhi was deciding the fate of states and governor house was used to throne the leaders of the choice of Delhi  or dethrone the leaders who were not to the  choice of Delhi.

The constitutional crisis in Arunachal Pradesh may have some technical arguments from both the sides as BJP claims they have no role as it was the result of internal revolt within congress party and Congress have made allegations against BJP to conspire against their government which mostly they were doing more often in 70’ , 80’s ,but the most disturbing fall out is the observation of the Guawhati High court who passed strictures against governor JP Rajkhowa and said he was doing opposite to his constitutional mandate and violating his constitutional duty.

This development has some implications for Indian politics and gives an insight into some thought process of present government.

Government which receives a mandate in 2014 to form government at centre with absolute majority after two and half decades does not mind to emulate that tactics of previous congress governments in overtaking the more and more states to their side in effort to win more majority in Rajya Sabha ( The upper house of parliament) . This tactics would not be beneficial for Modi Government because it will give wrong signal to non BJP ruled states and sense of fear among them will unite them together on anti BJP platform as most of the political parties were coming together against Congress when Congress was dominant political player in national politics.

Arunachal Pradesh crisis and observation of Guwahati High court will haunt BJP for longer period as it will spoil the attempts from BJP to build consensus on key economic reforms and trust deficit between ruling dispensation and opposition parties will widen further.

This development will undermine the appeal of central government with states to work as team India with cooperative federalism.

The Arunachal Pradesh crisis also proves how BJP easily forgets those lessons and moral political values which they used to preach against Congress in the days of opposition party  and don’t remember that those  values made them party with difference in the eyes of the people of India but as BJP did a huge mistake once in UP when they adopted the route of horse trading to form the government when Kalyan Singh was the Chief Minister and BJP gave ministerial  birth  to every legislature who switched their sides and almost 100 ministers took oath with CM. In that mission BJP was able to form the government in UP but they lost the confidence of people of state and since then BJP has not been able to come back to power in UP.

May be BJP has been very casual in dealing with Arunachal Pradesh issue and they did not thought of its implications before indulging in this dirty game of regime change.