BJP’s attack on Gandhi’s has deeper political meanings

Again in the line of fire

The moment some parts of the Italian courts order on the Agustawestland chopper deal surfaced in the media the ruling party BJP almost jumped the gun and wasted no time to pick the parts of the judgment of Milan court in Italy which although did not indict directly to the Congress president Ms Sonia Gandhi but indirectly left the enough space for interpretation in either way and BJP was quick enough to capitalize on this opportunity.

Right from social media to electronic and print media the only buzz was everywhere that Ms Sonia Gandhi has been named in the Agustawestland chopper bribery scam and in next few hours this news created sensation among political circles as well as political observers as they could see  the extension of Bofors scam of 1980’s in 2016 in Agustawestland with more concrete evidence of Gandhi family is being mentioned directly in the case.

Apart from the euphoria and sensation which this  news item carried with  it , it  was hard to believe in later days also that BJP was swayed away only  by the sensationalism and x factor of this new item to react in  hurry because in the pursuance to this matter and follow up to this news break the entire leadership of BJP  and their spokespersons right from Parliament to TV channels directly dragged the name of Ms Sonia Gandhi into this scam and even challenged her to name those persons who have taken the bribes .

Days after when it was clarified that Italian court has neither indicted Ms Sonia Gandhi nor have found her guilty of any wrongdoing in their  probe and she had been mentioned in a handwritten note of a middleman who had told her the driving force .

But this   clarification  for  Ms Sonia Gandhi did not relent BJP in her attack on Ms Sonia Gandhi and they stretched it further and dragged the name of Congress VP Rahul Gandhi into this scam and linked his associate Kanishka Singh with an alleged middleman Hashke.

These facts incite the curiosity to go into the insight of BJP strategy which has aggravated the BJP attack on Gandhi’s.

There could be the few following reasons behind this attack

  • BJP led NDA has almost completed its two years in office and the euphoria and sheen of Modi magic is fading away and it has been replaced by some crude realities and hard facts. 2016 is the most crucial year for BJP to decide its strategy for 2019. In present year of 2016 BJP is facing electoral battle in some  states and  those  are the states where it is  not a significant player and  is doing efforts to participate in modest way but two years ago the situations were different  when BJP stormed into power in centre riding on Modi the wave it had its ambitions for these   states also and the entire strategy of earning more states in its tally  to build  strength in upper house to move with economic reform was the driving force for  BJP but in last two years things did not happen according to the planning of BJP and erosion in Modi wave has put this party as a conventional marginal player in these states where it  was used to be  .
  • After two years in  power  BJP is too faced with some serious challenges on economic and policy front and it  tries to put up a brave face before people of country with its “ Congress free India” slogan to believe them as it is almost reality in next few years when Congress will be no more a political force to reckon with  and once India will be congress free the beginning of new era will happen  but on the contrary the all round political  developments in  last two years has forced  BJP to  realize  that even  after all of  its efforts it  has not been able to isolate Congress in political landscape of country and this old grand party is still has a potential to spoil the electoral chances of BJP and in 2017 BJP is going to face some crucial state elections whose outcome will decide the fate of 2109 general elections and states like Gujarat, Punjab, Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand are the states where BJP has been stuck in tough political fight with its opponents no matter who they are .
  • In 2017 the election for president of the country will too happen and the poor performance in big states like TamilNadu, West Bengal and Kerala will not help BJP in any way and every election in 2017 will be a do or die situation for the BJP.
  • The severe electoral defeat of Congress in 2014 general elections made BJP comfortable to conclude that this grand old party has virtually come to an end and they should program them to emerge as new centrist pillar of Indian politics but their shift from Hindu right to centre of right was too unprepared and confused and it took too long which still is incomplete and far from  reality  had created a political vacuum and    it erupted  more direct ideological divide between Left and right and Congress emerged as new catalyst to bridge the gap between variant groups of ideological left and centre and rather than being isolated Congress successfully isolated BJP to stop its social and political growth . The political experiment in Bihar and West Bengal has successfully revived the potential of Congress to become a catalyst in stitching any alliance to stop the juggernaut of saffron surge.


  • BJP has very much realized the political reality of the country and was waiting for any significant event to use it for its advantage to change the political dialogue and narrative in country  and now it has  picked the Agustawestland scam with a well choreographed strategy to revive the memory of pre 2014  era in the minds of the people for Congress  when most of the allies in UPA thought Congress as liability rather than political asset for its fast erosion in the eyes of the people of the country for graft allegations  and BJP believe that the tainted image of Congress will not only hamper its electoral prospects in the upcoming state elections in 2017 but it will isolate it further from other opposition parties .


It would be interesting to watch how strategy of BJP unfolds in near future and how Congress reacts to this strategy but the recent aggression of BJP on Gandhi’s is inherently just opposite to the perception and projection for Congress party that its days in Indian politics are over it seems that political game in Indian politics is still wide open and things can move either way because BJP has taken the gigantic task of taking forward the issue of fighting the corruption and pointing fingers on the Congress to prove the Gandhi’s as kingpin on scams in India . The outcome of this most interesting political fight will decide the fate and future of Indian politics in next year’s because in this fight Gandhi’s have to absolve them from further dent and BJP has to survive herself  from any scratch.