Cricket administration in India needs to be more transparent

It is no more game its glamour
Jagmohan Dalmiya who made BCCI a milking cow
Jagmohan Dalmiya who made BCCI a milking cow

The political temperature in Delhi reached to its peak since yesterday when CBI raided the Delhi secretariat in the connection of charges of corruption against the principle secretary of Arvind Kejriwal. First Kejriwal blasted against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hold him responsible for the CBI raid but in the evening he came out with allegations against Finance Minister  Arun Jaitley and leveled serious allegations on him that CBI has raided the office of Delhi CM also in search of file connected with the corruption of DDCA ( Delhi cricket association) and since yesterday to today Arvind kejriwal and his party has become more vocal  with their allegations against Arun Jaitley for his involvement in some irregularities in DDCA.

Although this allegation has the political angle but it would not be proper to dismiss the issue of irregularities and corruption in cricket administration in India as non issue as this is not the first time when such issue of corruption in Cricket board has been raised and  in last several years such  issues had been raised at the different forums and particularly in last five six years we have witnessed how  heads of politicians  and heads of people associated with BCCI were rolled and from Shashi Throor to Lalit Modi to N Shrinivsan include in this list .

Since early 90’s Cricket in India suddenly become the milking cow and the most  profitable venture with TV rights for live telecast of matches and money generated out of it and this  involvement of money power and glamour changed the character of game and its administration and before 90’s the game which was passionately played for the pride of country become professional venture and report of fixing of matches and throwing the matches for money surfaced in public and since then these reports have become very much part of the game  but when first  scandal of fixing charges in late 90’s swept the entire cricketing world it was not less than shocking to the cricket fans  and it was thought that new era of transparency and more openness in cricket will come and game will regain its glory but every passing year the involvement of money and corruption getting murkier day by day.

During the cricket world cup in 2007 lot of reports came out of the possible involvement of Mafia and criminal syndicates in fixing the matches.

The Indian cricket administration which had been able to regain its sanctity after the fixing allegation on its players in 1998-99 came under severe criticism and reports of corruption, nepotism and unaccounted money started surfacing once the IPL format of T-20 began in India and open display of money and fusion of glamour along with bidding of players have always been under suspicion of involvement of huge money and something fishy with all the procedures.

Now Cricket in India has no more been confined as a game but it is deeply interrelated to political game and have become the  favorite game of politicians as most of the politicians lobby hard to become cricket administrator and politics inside the cricket administration sometimes affects the political climate also .

The recent issue of DDCA cannot be dismissed as non issue because it has been raised by Arvind Kejriwal and it has political overtones also. The issue of corruption inside DDCA was long ago raised by former cricketer Kirti Azad as well who happened to be BJP Member of parliament in Loksabha.


We can’t forget that in UPA II when the issue of corruption in IPL Kochi team was raised in public domain and Shashi Tharoor minister of then government was forced to come clean on the issue and he resigned from his post.  Lalit Modi who started the IPL is out of country as fugitive and facing hard time to prove him innocent. N Shrinivasan was the latest victim of corruption in Cricket administration in India as he had to lose his post and stature in BCCI on the allegations of corruption and irregularities in managing the IPL and board both.

Now the latest charge against DDCA and allegation of  possible involvement of finance Minister should be taken as an opportunity to clean up the dirt in cricket administration and make it more open and transparent so it can entertain people as game and not become the gravity centre of politics .