Disagreeing with NSA

Image source - PTI

When I heard NSA Ajit Doval about his thoughts on the nature of government which provides strength to Indian economic, social and strategic power in next few decades, I find hard to be agree with his point of view.

First, Indian democracy essentially not depends on the nature of government when the issue of national issues comes, because if it is believed that only government with brute majority upholds the national interest then it would be like swinging in the one way, because in democratic format mostly majority governments formed with one particular ideological and political idea but the aspiration and definition of India as nation accommodates different point of view and various political or ideologies streams. There had been different interpretation of nature of “Might and power” in entire Indian history, but the real strength lies in building the consensus between leaders of different political and ideological streams in national interest.

Even after independence of country when country surrounded with any external threat or crisis the whole nation along with different political and ideological streams work together in interest of nation. The few examples prove this point. During the regime of LalBahadur Shastri he fought the successful war against Pakistan even after the death of strong political leader JawaharLal Nehru and no political difference or ideological difference chose to exploit the vacuum of power to make him fight against Pakistan weak, .

The government of P V Narsimha Rao who led the minority government successfully liberalized the Indian economy and initiated the diplomatic relations with Israel two of the most critical decisions with having a legacy of long ideological and political differences on these issues and how it is being perceived in different streams , on other occasion the Government of Atal Bihari Vajpayee undertook the Pokharan test and invited the economic sanctions from USA and its allies across the world but in last succeed in building the India a nuclear state to be part of elite Nuclear club without signing the NPT Or CTBT and Atal Bihari Vajpayee was heading a coalition government and he did it with political consensus even taking opposition on board .

These examples proves that India has a rich and prosperous tradition of feeling of nationalism and patriotism and different groups and ideologies may have different ways to express it or achieve it but most of them perceive India as strong power and any persuasion to connect the strength of country or achieving this goal with nature of brute majority and one particular way of thinking would create more skirmish and division rather than making country strong.

Indian democracy needs to look to evolve the all party form of cabinet to accommodate every stream and ideological groups or political voice to be part of policy making and accountable to nation building. The form of brute majority government concept with one particular political or ideological point of view would become outdated in coming years.


India has witnessed so many National Security advisers in so many governments but this is the first occasion when NSA comes in media so often and loves to be in limelight from social media to other kind of media. Since he had been appointed as the National Security adviser from the formation of Modi led Government in 2014 the social media and other media talked much about his strategic thinking and sometimes he had been portrayed as the most effective and successful spy the Indian subcontinent ever had produced and to prove this point his few years in Pakistan in disguise was produced more often but the tenure of Ajit Doval as National security adviser has not been scrutinized in more objective way as it would have been.


The prime role of National security advisor is being defined as supervising the internal and external security of country but Ajit Doval who had been given the powers of the most powerful bureaucrat in India has redefined the role of NSA as more often he sounds and seems to be rescuing the government from crisis  and indulging in domestic politics without hesitation  with emerging as the most powerful pole in Government and redefining the mandate of NSA.


Ajit Doval whose affinity with the saffron ideological family of RSS is well known and his ideological leanings with his own vision for Country is an open secret and in this scenario the latest statement of Ajit Doval about the nature of government in providing the strength to country in economic, social and strategic areas proves the point that new government at centre is a government with new plans and ideas for them which is more radical and unconventional from  previous political culture and with every passing day it looks too visible and it needs a closer look and vigilance to look into the minds of this government.