Don’t mistake the today’s left with Communist of 60’s

The evolution of left in Indian politics has made it less communist

Since the Arrest of JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar from JNU campus on the charges of sedition to participate in an event to eulogize and commemorate Afzal Guru who was sentenced to death penalty from Supreme Court for orchestrating an attack on Indian Parliament in 2001 charged the political atmosphere and ignited the debates on several issues to force the people to take their stand on those issues.

The arrest of JNUSU president and his conditional bail on certain conditions from Delhi high court has made him free to reclaim his freedom of activism and hours of release from the Jail Kanhaiya kumar displayed his oratory skill and in his powerful speech before hundreds of hundreds of students in JNU he also proposed the new manifesto of ever evolving left in Indian politics and few inferences can be drawn from his speech and from his interviews which he gave to certain Media house to make his position clear on the ideological as well as politics which left espouse in India .

  • The new mascot of Left Kanhaiya Kumar gave few signals from his dress code and body language when he delivered his speech before the students of JNU. A Student union leader who have been jailed on the charges of sedition and spent more than three weeks in Tihar Jail and these charges aroused the political debate on Nationalism and freedom of dissent was supposed to be returned as an angry young man from Jail with angry face expressions without emotions just like hero of deewar , Trishul, Zanjeer , Kaliya who is drained from emotions and full of revenge and the motive of his life to take the revenge from system and in this process his feelings of revenge has overshadowed his whole personality but none of these things happened and the student leader who was supposed to be part of an ultra left movement who aspires to overthrow the state and every social and political order with anger and violence surprised everyone with his cool calm and not very aggressive expressions with his dressing sense which was very much different from Communist leaders of 60’s with untidy beard, hairstyle and dress but the new avatar of Kanhaiya Kumar   attracts and appeal to the aspirational youth of the country who are equally angry and dissatisfied but don’t accept the road of violence and alienation from the mainstream to struggle for their cause as revolutionaries used to do in their 60’s .


  • Unlike 1960’s The communism is no more an alternative world order or alternative power centre and even communists have to realize they are very much part of the present national and global system and they are struggling to create and impact on the system and to create  some space for them


  • In 1960’s the Communists were aggressively making the fun of theists and absolute deniability of role of faith in forming the policies frightened others who were standing on the other side of the debate  but in present circumstances the total deniability of faith has overtaken by the narrative of difference between role of  administered religion and role of  spirituality in policy making .


  • In 1960’s the Communists had strong belief of preconceived notion to divide the humanity between haves and have not’s and pitting one to other with revolutionary methods and totalitarian political system to impose its will on others and holding middle class and rich responsible for social and economic imbalance and force them to take the burden of social and economic equality  and they intend to impose this totalitarian world view with political power.


  • The evolution of left ideology in India post Berlin wall and fall of Soviet has forced Communists to transform them equally as most of the left across the world is no more Communists anymore and most of the left in world swinging more to the cultural, ethnic and religious groups who want to emulate the Communist, Fascist and Islamist method of revolutionary ideas to suit their radical agenda.  This new reverse of left is not even felt by left or to others also who are gradually slipping into wrong direction.


  • In present Political scenario across the world there are two divergent streams are shaking hands with each other if not knowingly then unknowingly and these are the radical left and radical right and most interesting part is that radical forces within both of the streams are challenging the mainstream centrist ideas of both ideologies . The Communists are pursuing Maoists to join the mainstream and become part of political process in Constitutional frame work and Hindu Nationalists are equally confused to determine the demarcation line between radical revolutionary vision which alienates them further with mainstream.


The need of the hour is to redefine the respective ideologies in new circumstances and in this process both right and left have to drop few things which have been dear to them and to some extent had been the article of faith and to swallow something which is bitter and takes time to digest and absorb it but this is the beginning of new era and choice is before everyone to either move forward or sit back to be left behind.