Dr Swamy revive Gandhi’s ?

Swamy and Sonia love to hate each other?
The most unpredictable Politician
The most unpredictable Politician

In Indian politics there are few Individuals who are very difficult to understand and Dr Subramnian Swamy is one of them. Those who know Dr Swamy closely often tell he is true politician and very much unpredictable with his moves and he has proved this perception right not once but several times. Dr swamy does not believe in the permanency of friends and foes in politics and who could experience this more than BJP when the tallest leaders of the BJP ever produced Atal Bihari Vajpaee become the casualty of the Machiavellian tactics of Dr Swamy in 1999 when he in unprecedented political event lost his 13 month old government on the floor of parliament with the margin of one vote and Dr Swamy was the main architect behind the realignment of political forces in a tea party where Mrs Sonia Gandhi and J Jayalalita met and  countdown of the beginning of the fall of 13 month old Vajpaee government begun.

After that famous tea party Jayalalita  whose AIADMAK  was part of the ruling NDA chose to  pull out from the government and Vajpaee has to face the parliament to prove the  confidence of parliament  for his government and in which he failed in last moment as regional party from UP ( BSP)  headed by Mayawati decided to vote against the ruling dispensation and in sudden political events inside parliament led the fall of Vajpaee government and it  is entire different story either that Mrs Sonia Gandhi could not manage the required  numbers  for her to form an alternate government at centre  as Mulayam Singh Yadav led Samajwadi Party denied to become part of Sonia led coalition and Sonia Gandhi was denied the chance to hold the highest post in 1999 and in 2004 she chose herself to not become Prime Minister even after UPA defeated NDA .

During the Vajapee Government in 1998 and 1999 Dr Swamy was the most vocal critic of not only Atal Bihari Vajpaee but for RSS and its affiliates as well and he on several occasions demanded to ban the RSS and its affiliates as vociferously as any other political party which is described by RSS as secular demands.

In 2004 when BJP led NDA lost the power and aggressive and assertive Sonia Gandhi readied herself to fight out BJP politically and RSS ideologically suddenly Dr Swamy approached to RSS and shifted his stand from secularism to Hindu nationalism and in swift turn of events he became blue eyed boy for RSS and he took lead in opposing the Ramsetu project which was scheduled to be started in TamilNadu and he has been able to make it the  issue of faith with connecting it with the legacy of Lord Ram and during these agitations he came more closer to RSS and even VHP also.

Since 2002 the politics of country has changed in very different direction and more  politics is being played in  judicial periphery  and it is going  difficult day by day to define or understand  who is being targeted politically or who have been charged legally , who is vindictive to whom and how much difference is there between the allegations and substance. In this atmosphere the role of legal luminaries in political parties particularly in Congress and BJP has become the most critical.

During the both regimes of UPA the issue of Gujarat riots was raised on so much occasions and it was fought on legal front with political overtones that ultimately people of the country lost their interest in its ideological debate and it boom ranged for Congress and its allies but in this whole process the role of legal personalities become very important for BJP. It was also the case when people from other than Islamist organizations where found involved in bomb blast cases in various parts of the country it equally become the issue of political debate and it was difficult for the ordinary person to decide where politics involves and where legality .

The role of Dr Swamy in unearthing the 2G scam and providing a chance for BJP and RSS to use it as an ammunition against Congress to win the perception war against it and portray them as the source of corruption in country played out well and the Anna Hazare and RamDev also proved very handy to take it further and Congress   have to face the humiliating defeat in 2014 general elections.

Given the backgrounder of the politics of last one decade in India the recent development in National herald Case has huge implications for Indian politics in near future.  Because we need to understand that for more than decade the political fight is not between BJP and Congress but it more between Gandhi’s and RSS.

Gandhi’s have their own  understanding  of Indian politics post 2002 and they feel the politics of polarization is deliberately played on in country to grab the power and if Congress has to contradict this brand of politics they need to take on RSS as Pt Jawhar Lal Nehru responded to this organization , on the other RSS think that results of their hard work and  the organizational efforts in more than 90 years  are giving the results and  Hindu society is getting more united and giving befitting reply to the challenges which in the opinion of RSS are the result of the policies adopted by the Congress in its rule.

This ideological battle is fought sometimes proxy from both sides on certain issues which hurt both of them badly and very much challenge to their existence.

For more than decade Congress fought the ideological battle on Gujarat riots with political motivation and cases before cases courts lingered it on to create the perception among people and ultimately the questioning of then Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi before SIT in riots cases was anti climax of this saga and it followed by the prosecution of then Home Minister of Gujarat and presently the president of BJP Amit shah in fake encounter cases.


The more confusion arise when the bogey of “Saffron terror’ or “Hindu terror” was thrown by the congress party and it also confused the whole intermingling of political battle on legal ground .

In politics you can’t hope for mercy from adversary   and crude nature of politics never allows it to happen so it can be easily imagined that these developments would definitely create more bitterness among the political relations of BJP and Congress and in other round how congress targets to RSS and BJP would be interesting to watch.

The immediate effect of National herald case would be limited to    unite the entire congress followers and sympathizers as summoning of Gandhi’s in court will become rallying point for emotional bondage and minor differences in party or any confusion for the leadership will evaporate and more enthused supporters of congress will create more trouble for BJP in general and Prime Minister Modi in particular.

Congress knows very well that today  Dr Swamy has lost the perception battle and high moral ground  once   he was awarded the favor in form of government accommodation and security and this case in near future seems to be  going nowhere in doing any harsh  damage to Gandhi’s .

BJP and RSS were wrong again in measuring the electoral defeat of Congress in terms of their losing ground and strength because in last few months Congress has been able to regain its lost ground in tribal areas in political terms also and this shift of power  in itself tells something.

Nothing could be bad timing and negative fallout other than this when Natonal Herald Case which could have been converted into Bofors for Gandhi’s lost its theme of graft and corruption charges and revives the Gandhi’s with much needed political oxygen.