Explosive in UP assembly, what does it mean?


Today when people across the nation saw the news that most populated state of the country, Uttar Pradesh which has been in news for several months after being headed by the seer turned politician Yogi Adityanath as its chief Minister, experienced some unprecedented and sensational security lapse inside the Assembly of Uttar Pradesh when some plastic explosive of high magnitude with having potential of huge damage was found.

According to the chain of events Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Yogi Adityanath  told the assembly that on 12th July 150 grams of plastic explosive without detonator was found under the table of leader of opposition in the house and this news created tremors as earlier Indian parliament had experienced terror attack  in 2001 which was foiled after the sacrifice of brave police men.

After this explosive was found in the assembly  the chief Minister has announced several measures to tighten the security inside and outside the assembly premise but this incident raises some questions.

During the time period of Year 2004 to Year 2008 a vicious cycle of terrorist attacks happened in Uttar Pradesh when court premises to religious places were targeted and in every attack the one organization named Indian mujahideen claimed responsibility for such attacks.

The vicious cycle of these attacks finally culminated in the major terror attack on Mumbai on 26 November 2008 when the economic capital of country was targeted in the biggest terror attack on city after 1993 serial bomb blasts.

Once Mumbai was targeted and in between these years  terrorists tried to bleed India with a clear intention to trigger communal civil war inside country , the country not only boldly and calmly aborted the evil design of communal divide in country but the security agencies did everything from tightening their intelligence to operations to nab the terrorists , eliminate them and broke their economic support and their logical support from other countries but the attack on Amarnath pilgrims in Anantnag area of Kashmir and then the news of explosive been found inside the assembly of Uttar Pradesh is clear indication that terror organization in country are  not so handicapped and ineffective as it was thought and they are in the preparation of doing something big to draw the attention of the world to them to push   their evil design to create communal divide and exploit other fault lines  in the country.

The divisive communal politics in country and bitter communication gap between different political parties and ideologies has given another chance to terrorist organizations to flare up the temperature, misrepresent the facts with perception and play the card of victimhood between different groups in country to provoke them to stand against the State.

The security agencies, political parties and establishment need to be prepare for new warfare of terrorism, where several groups can consolidate for their vested interests to destabilize the state with logical support of inside and outside country.