What goes “Wrong” with Kashmir issue?

Confused " Mehbooba" complicating the situation more.

For last month’s the patience to observe Kashmir with patiently has gradually become impatient not because its grim and volatile situation but due to mishandling of the situation which has made the simple issue more complicated.

During the first round of previous unrest in Kashmir valley weeks back when Prime Minister returned to country from his foreign trip the first reaction from his side emerged in media from so called “sources” that he was upset to the media the way the whole issue of Kashmir has been handled in media and in continuation to that perception the whole debate of recent Kashmir crisis is centered around the media coverage of Kashmir issue.

Some leading English news channel slammed their media fraternity for being insensitive to Indian national security interest on Kashmir issue and toeing the line on the issue which supports the cause of Islamabad and Rawalapindi.

The media battle for Kashmir issue entered into another round when the union Home Minister of our country Rajnath Singh visited Islamabad to attend a SAARC summit and conflicting reports on blacking out of his speech in Pakistan emerged.

In background of these recent developments the second  round of unrest in state of J&K seems to be simmering to waiting to implode and this unrest is not a good news for the country when it is preparing to celebrate its independence day under the leadership of government who claims to be different from previous one’s in dealing with issues of national security and national interest.

It is high time to not only to   look into the Kashmir issue to figure out what went wrong in last month’s but to find out the solutions to the problem.

The complicated political problem of J&K become more complicated when the two adverse ideological streams joined hands in the state in the name of development of the state and giving the genuine representation to the people of the state .

PDP founded by late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and now led by her daughter Mehbooba Mufti had a history of her softness and working relations with groups in valley who are considered as separatists in the eyes of Indian government but were always engaged by the PDP  as part of the solution to the problems of the state not the problem itself contrary to the views of union government.

The formation of PDP post 9\11 is surrounded by lot of questions behind its motives and its relations with groups who always look to fish into trouble waters in state to provide more breathers to Indian neighbor Pakistan to poke its nose in Kashmir issue.

For more than decade the PDP adopted the policy of engaging and glorifying the separatists and militants as part of its political ideology to give healing touch to the state and make them feel to be part of the system.

Since PDP came in alliance with BJP it found her caught in rock and hard situation and initially succeed to convince her constituency that it would not cede its soft separatists  ground even under the pressure of  BJP but compulsion of surviving the government made it really difficult for PDP to court the separatists anymore and  gradually PDP and the father daughter duo found them caught in the situation where Mrs Indira Gandhi was in 1980’s when she promoted Jarnail Singh Bhindrwala for her political reasons but once he nurtured his own  ambitions or become the liability and threat for state due to his vulnerability to be used for anti National cause , she had to fall heavily on her own creation .

PDP who initially adopted the policy to visit the slain militants and terrorists gunned down by security forces in the name of “ Healing Touch” and glorify them as well provoke the people of the state as calling their encounters as sacrifice to blame the union and state governments, took a radical shift in their approach once occupied the   power as the policy to court terrorists and separatists  become untenable for them and the same sacrificial goats  converts  into mass murderers for the Muftis in months  and this political  change of heart more than policy made  their former separatists ally  feel tizzy and this radical shift without preparations or home work   changed the whole equation in the valley  and after the death of Mufti Mohammad Sayeed  her daughter and now   chief minister of J&K state Mehbooba Mufti decided to flush out the terrorist network from South Kashmir which once flourished and nurtured under their nose when     narratives , political priorities and perspectives for terrorism was totally different from today.

The present situation in Kashmir demand more maturity and statesmanship not political scoring or succumbing to the pressure of each other’s political constituency.  BJP would have thought in advance the outcome and political price for their alliance with a political party in Valley which has brazen and open record of its softness for terrorists and separatists and to undo their  mistake BJP should not  act in haste and work in  consonance to the political and regional pragmatism of state not to point score with nationalistic grandstanding. In the same way PDP would have realized that in one stroke it cannot wash her sins for allying with terrorists for years  and allowing the separatism to become the political agenda for state and creating a whole new young generation in state with separatist mentality to give the Pakistan a chance to boast that “Separatist feelings are running in the blood of fourth generation of Kashmir”.

The union government and state government of J&K both needs to realize their mistakes and work together with every stake holder to normalize the situation in more diplomatic and political way and not to  aggravate the situation further to hide their mistakes and  look more stupid .

The whole nation is stood behind the union Government and Prime Minister to abort the nefarious design of Pakistan to incite the trouble in Kashmir but they too need to shed their arrogance and undo their mistakes of political opportunism and to look more crazy in   blaming media coverage for Kashmir problem . Media coverage either negative or positive can’t be   the solution or replacement of political solution, if News hours or TV shows would have been the way to find the solutions to the political problems, diplomacy and politics had been very simple and news anchors had been running the country.