How less children matter in our policy?

Disney land in Paris

If you are a guardian of a child above three or four years who request you on every weekend to go for outing in Delhi a national capital city (which has become synonymous to everything which can give it negative publicity or bad name ranging from Air pollution to unsafe place for women) it make you hard even to think in remote of any place in Delhi where your child can spend and enjoy his or her joyful moments leaving all the pressure of books and studies behind.

In whole of the Delhi hardly places can be find those can be counted as  amusement place for children (don’t include Parks or the most dirty waters of Old fort which also charge for boating) to watch or fun.

It has been surprising to watch how policy makers can ignore such crucial part of city planning and governance and not giving their mind on this subject.

Delhi is the national capital of country and gives the glimpse of our policy makers on their vision on the welfare of the people of the country and it indicate their priorities for why Children who could   not find their place in this whole exercise of policy making, the sole reason which comes to mind could be their helplessness to put any pressure on policy makers with their votes.

Most of the places in Delhi which are related with monuments and attracts lot of tourists does not  create much enthusiasm among the permanent residents of Delhi as watching the same place in name of fun and enjoyment is no more fun or enjoyment for them anymore. They need some world class amusement theme parks which can remind the children Disney land and other amusement theme parks which they watch regularly in their cartoon shows.

The insensitivity towards the cleaning of Yamuna has given so much stress to the residents of Delhi as it is one of the most unfortunate important cities where people can not have the opportunity to sit on the banks of river of Yamuna in evening to take restful pause from their rush hours and think or imagine the beauty of nature who is full of positivity and beauty.

But neither Delhi has been so fortunate to have a ever flowing clean Yamuna with beautiful banks and nor it is enough fortunate equally to have the policy makers with imagination for future to develop theme parks to help in building the personality of children who are the future of country and they need physical and spiritual growth with more healthy environment.