In Maharashtra, it’s not about morality, it’s about politics

Image- Indian Express

The political drama in state of Maharashtra has not reached to its climax yet, the midnight coup of Bhartiya Janta Party has outsmarted and overpowered an attempt of tripartite negotiations for power between Congress,Shivsena and NCP but the decision of Governor of Maharashtra to install a new government in state led by Devendra Fadhanvis has been challenged in supreme Court and its hearing will take place on Monday 25th November.

This is not the first occasion when the decision of any governor to invite and install a new government has been legally challenged and every time such issues arise the issue of political morality arise too, but the debate on political morality dies down soon as the rule in politics which rules is the power politics and every political party which wins elections and enjoys the numbers stake claim to form the government and tries to come to power and there is less issue of morality or immorality involves about it.

The real issues which had arouse in the whole month long political drama in Maharashtra is not the immediate effect which it had created on state but what led to this whole chaos and confusion.

The political alliance and in other words the ideological bondage of two Hindutva leaning political parties BJP and Shiv Sena which lasted for three decades unilaterally divorced by Shivsena after the state election results were declared and even after the fact that both parties fought elections in an alliance and they got the mandate of people of state to form the government together.

Almost one month ago when the state election results were declared and everyone expects the process of smooth formation of new popular government takes place , the Shivsena declared that they have kept their options open as they want the post of chief minister is to be divided between both parties for rotation of two and half years each .

This announcement of ShivSena was a real shock to the BJP and other political observers as well as the whole election in Maharashtra was fought in the leadership of incumbent Chief Minister Devendra Fadhanvis and the alliance of BJP and Shiv Sena accepted him as their leader.

The sudden announcement and stubborn attitude of Shiv Sena to divide the whole tenure of Chief Minister in to two tenures of two and half years each led to the political deadlock and the state which was expecting a new popular government hung in hung assembly and the new political equations started to take shape and the Shiv Sena which has earned the image of Hard Hindutva behind her name for last three decades begin to negotiate with more secular parties and whom it has targeted for its secularism and anti Hindu policies vehemently in last years and sudden change of heart in Shiv Sena stunned everyone but the real reasons still are being discovered which led to the transformation of a hard Hindutva party into far secular regional party.

There could be few reasons behind this sudden change of heart of Shiv Sena .

Since general elections in 2014 the political landscape in country has transformed and the centrist and century old Congress party is losing its identity and political strength and this grand old party which once was personified with the message of unity and nationalism is gradually slipping into hands of chaos and sabotage.

The mandate of 2014 was a rude shock to Congress party but it did not shown any interest to read the writing on the wall , instead it followed the path of chaos and sabotage and ganged up with those forces within country and outside country who can create social and political unrest in country to sabotage the government and to make it happen the Congress party is doing to the country what British Empire used to do with India when it was ruled by them.

Congress has identified the strength point of the ideology of Hindutva and its points which provide it political strength. In previous government the Congress party tried its luck in Gujarat when they supported the strong Patel community to come to the streets with demand of reservation for their community and later they followed the same modus operandi to instigate the most powerful community in every state before every state elections to come on streets with demand for their community , they did the same with Lingayat community before Karnataka state elections , they did the same with Forward casts in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan elections and their attempt to instigate the strong Maratha Community in Maharashtra has been going on for several years and the decision of Shiv Sena to part its ways with BJP is not a sudden one and it has its roots in the ongoing efforts of Congress party and its political strategy to break the strong communities in every states on regional grounds  to minimize the appeal of Hindutva to weaken the politics of Hindutva.

Congress party carries the legacy of century old political party which has its political philosophy in defining the India as federation of states with political and geographical bondage and its nationalism is more political than cultural but the same time Congress believes from its core of heart that Cultural appeal of Indianness with Hinduvta as its identity is the most lethal political weapon to demolish any political appeal or ideology in India and to arrest this surge the Congress has only ammunition left in its armory to instigate and divide fault lines in Indian nationalism which has been debated and much publicized in  colonial perspective  of History and definitions and its desperation to search for political relevancy it does not hesitate to instigate the idea of Balaknization of India on regional and linguistic grounds.