India China Standoff : Where people goes wrong

India China standoff paradigm shift or confusion in policy.

In present standoff with China most of the admirers of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and who take this whole issue in subjective way rather than policy issue has described the current stand off as new policy paradigm in the thought process of foreign policy of India .

I differ totally on this issue from most of the people who term this whole standoff with China as paradigm shift which has put India in a bitter dilemma from where China has every reason to smile as beyond public posturing and nationalistic jingoism India can do little to give any tough military message to China as well as USA to show that India can take on China militarily.

Most of the people are of the view in India that whatever Modi does needs to be supported wholeheartedly  and should not be analyzed in objective way which can hamper the   solidarity with him and in this regard most of the policy issues goes under carpet which has larger implications. Kashmir and Pakistan are one of them but here I want to confine myself to China policy only.

Few analysts define the present stand off as calculated policy measure and according to them it is part of controlled aggression but in my view it is string of foreign policy confusion without vision which lack the consistency or gravity.

It seems that people around Narendra Modi are unable to distinguish him the limitations of public posturing of nationalistic jingoism for political convenience and containing from going  it out of hand  with  larger ramifications.

The whole standoff with China has nothing to do with drawing a red line but shifting the policies and swinging from one camp to another for convenience.

When Narendra Modi become Prime Minster he talked about Asian century and Chinese President was invited to India and  he assured for huge chinese investment in India and it created hope to the Prime Minister that Chinese economic support will give boost to his make India venture and start up and create more jobs but at the same time he swung too much with USA priorities in Indian ocean and its containment policy of China In Asian region particularly India’s contest to CPEC and reviving the old silk route with ambitious plan   and it aroused suspicion among Chinese Policy makers and they decided to put India on notice with some bargaining policy issues in their hands as doing veto in UN security council on  Indian request to declare Masood Azhar as global terrorist and creating hurdles in allowing Indian entry into elite nuclear club NSG.

Indian Prime Minster is on the visit to Israel and I hope he would remember the shrewdness of Israel in keeping all the global powers in good humor at the same time in their interest. During the Cold war Israel had equal relations with USA and USSR and till date they have very good relations with USA and Russia both as well and their economic and political relations with China has grown to multiple levels in recent years. They are being called the natural allies of USA and their lobbying inside USA is full of conspiracy theories across the world but they have not put all their eggs in one basket and they put USA too on notice from time to time with their exploration of relations with future powers.

We are living in multiple partnership era and no country can afford to openly being seen in the lap of any particular camp and hurting the interest of one for the sake of other.

Those who take the policy issues in subjective way in the admiration of Narendra Modi are welcomed to do so in their private capacity but not at the cast of confusing the foreign policy and mixing the nationalistic jingoism of political convenience with larger national interest.