Indian visa to Dolkun Isa, euphoria could not grounded

Visa granted then denied

On Monday when news broke in media about the denial of visa to Chinese dissident Uyghur leader Dokun Isa it was difficult to elaborate that exactly  what transpired between few days when a   decision to grant the visa to Chinese dissident leader Dolkun Isa   from Indian  government to attend a interfaith and interethnic conference in Dahrmashala with Dalai Lama   was creating euphoria in country  with a ringing well  of beginning of new era in Indian diplomacy where the principle of tit for tat and more muscular and aggressive diplomacy will replace the conventional diplomatic narrative .

But the whole euphoria evaporated within few days and finally Indian government denied the visa to dissident Chinese leader and not only the visa was denied but the whole conference which was scheduled in Dharmashala with an expected good publicity has been confined within closed door meeting as meeting within activists.

It is hard to believe what government did achieve out of this decision of granting the visa and then denying it on some technical ground.

There have been  several speculations around this decision but one speculation has been whispered most that bilateral meeting between the National security advisers of both Countries of India and China founded some basis for this decision and if it is remotely true it seems the whole exercise to initially grant the visa and later denying it   was an attempt from Indian side   to indicate  China on  the Indian leverage on this country in its  bargaining to influence the Chinese  stand to support Indian bid to classify Massod Azhar as terrorist in UN  .

But the whole decision of initially granting the visa and later denying it on some technical ground has not been able to serve any of the purpose because India has proved its vulnerability to succumb under pressure and any such leverage on China in near future would not seriously worry this nation and it would not divorce its new found strategic and economic relations with Pakistan.

The decision of initially granting the visa to Chinese dissident leader and later denying it on some technical ground also invited several debates inside country and outside country.


  • Even if it is supposed that Indian authorities were not in loop of the facts that Dolkun Isla has red corner notice against him but it was always in the news that he is the Uyghur leader from China and Chinese establishment will never like any leader from this province to visit India and once he is living outside China the Indian authorities would have done some more investigation on him before granting the e Visa  and knowing all these facts it is least convincing argument from Indian government that he got the visa in e visa category and when later it was revealed that he has red corner notice against him the visa was revoked.

It was not only the case with Dolkun Isa that his visa had been denied on last moment but the  whole seminar in which Dolkun Isa was to attend and  which was organized in Dharmashala and was supposed to be presided by Dalai Lama  would have to be attended by some other leaders and activists who are not in good book of China and  now  when the news has came that the whole seminar has been confined into a closed door activists meet it again reflect how casual few strategists and people are those who are responsible for these policy formation.


Either India would have not chosen to show its muscles to China and aspires to cultivate its leverage on China or once it would have decided for face off it would have walked off at least few miles.


This whole episode again prove the point that we are gradually converting into a country of rhetoric without substance on various issues including our foreign policy and we are superficially raising the slogan   That we are On the verge of to become super power” without any preparations or strategy or even ready to take risk or pay the price for that role.