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Restrictions on aid hurting president’s policy-making: US


Pakistan wants UNSC reform to reflect ‘aspirations of all’


US deports Pakistani national


Karachi’s first-ever Women of the World conference raises the bar for other fests


Sanders, Trump win in Indiana primary while Cruz bows out of race


Trump endorses Jewish settlement expansion in West Bank


Houthi leader: Israel participating in the aggression against Yemen


Saudi cleric: ‘Homosexuality not a deviation from Islam, should not be punished’


Pentagon on alert after names of American generals appear on ISIS ‘hit-list’


Kerry: Cease-fire in Syria has ‘fallen completely’ in some areas


Hajj to be canceled unless Saudis carry out responsibilities: Iran


Iran diplomat due in Russia to discuss Mideast


Salehi: Iran, Czech agree to start joint nuclear projects


Iran, France hold talks


Some players in Syrian conflict back terror: Iran


Saudi Arab express its concern on Drug mafia and its ability to destroy the stability and security


Saudi claims it winning war against terror


German ‘Shariah police’ face trial


US Muslims sue over hijab discrimination


China’s Xi holds talks with Lao leader to enhance ties


AU, China vow to take bilateral ties to new height


China denies legitimacy of “election” by so-called Tibetan “government-in-exile”


Spotlight: Western media dismiss Trump’s China “rape” metaphor as “absurd”


Interview: Russia eyes enhanced agricultural cooperation with China


China says confidence, patience, sincerity, will maintain ceasefire in Syria


IMF calls for stronger response to Africa’s declining economic growth


African bank says intra-trade vital for Africa’s industrialization


China and Russia to Hold Joint Military Drills


Trump Says Russian Planes Should Be Shot Down ‘At Certain Point’