Is west ready to go far right?

Fringe No more time to take them seriously

In last few days and weeks few interesting developments have taken place in Europe, United States of America and Latin America.

The far Right Marine Le pen registered a sensational victory for her party in regional elections in France. The Republican aspirant Donald Trump running for the primary in US President elections scheduled to be held in November 2017 has surprised most of the analysts in his country and in most of the world also who were not ready to  take him seriously given his daily rhetoric for Muslims but in last few months his roaring popularity and surge in his voice has posed a challenge to the whole world to look into growing phenomenon in west with more cautious approach rather than dismissing it as non issue.

Third development has happened in some of the Latin American countries like Venezuela and Argentina where left parties lost the power to pave the way for reemergence of Center Right in both the countries where people switched their side from left to right due to economic reasons rather than ideological reasons but it has ideological significance also .

There are two aspects to look into the developments of surge of Marine Le Pen in France and growing popularity of Donald Trump in USA.  It would be still very early to look into both developments as a phenomenon which is going to last long because the recent attack in Paris and shooting incident in California could be the triggering point to the reactive response of the people and as memory of these incidents erases the support for far right convert into centre right.

But even if happens in next few months there are few take away from these developments.

  • The politics in west is taking a new turn and may be far right parties or political parties who are raising the issue of immigration and connecting it successfully with their insecurity to undermine their identity in long term and pressure on economy  can no more be dismissed as non issue.  On the surface it may look that most of the European countries are more concerned with influx of immigrants but underneath it has the potential to convert this sentiment into racist behavior and Europe which have been the driving force of modern civilization for more than five centuries can become narrow and insecure to become ineligible to be the leader of this century.   These developments can slip the Europe where it was before the Westphalia treaty.


  • The growing popularity of Donald Trump among US citizens is really interesting development to watch. It puts real challenge before US to relook into its response to the Radical Islamism and not being looked as racist and vindictive towards any community or faith.  The edifice of American superiority stands on one principle to accommodate, adopt, assimilate and manage contradictions inside the country and impose its will on others for having more flexibility and space at home turf.  After 9\11 this is second occasion when US has to face the challenge to overcome the perception and provide the solution.


  • The developments in Latin American countries in Venezuela and Argentina also have some significance although it has more economic significance than dieological but it can be a good news for USA . The regime change in both countries reflects the growing awareness and impatience in people of the most countries who are not ready to bear the burden of economy and shed their comfort for the sake of ideological conviction. Venezuela could not sustain to be the bonding force of Leftist Islamist bloc without managing its economy and people can’t be forced to be intact with common ideology of Hate America and demonstrate it as devil.