Kanhaiya Kumar is a test to our art to live with dissent.

Ideological debate goes violent

For last few months the controversy which surrounded around the JNUSU president Kanhaiya Kumar has forced to think seriously whether as a nation we are heading in the right direction.

In last ten days two incidents occurred around Kanhaiya Kumar and if  both  the incidents are overtly  not violent in their nature even  then  also they  have the    violent  overtone to indicate that violent  way of expression for the dissent views is gradually taking a shape in the minds of at least in some section of people in the country .

Since the controversy in JNU has surfaced in the media  on the alleged chanting of anti national slogans inside the campus in a program on the hanging day of a terrorist Afzal Guru who was responsible for the parliament attack in 2001, The whole controversy has not only ignited the debate inside the country and outside the country as well to define the criteria for patriotism and necessity to take  immediate measures to protect the Nation from so called Anti national elements who are doing every possible efforts to conspire and  destroy the country but in the process of  this whole debate the rational and arguments to identify the nationalist forces and so called anti national forces has been replaced by noise and nuisance .

Immediately after the incident of sloganeering in JNU happened the JNUSU president Kanhiya Kumar was slapped  with sedition charges and kept several weeks inside the Tihar Jail but once he came out of  the Jail on conditional bail granted to him by the Honorable court the Kanhaiya Kumar has been officially designated as Anti National element from certain section of people and they have strong conviction that  he  is here to  destroy the national interest of country and we as the protector of the national interest have every right to conceive the feeling of “ Enemy of nation” for him and violent expression of feeling in symbolic way is justified in the name of protecting the national interest.

In the backdrop of this heated debate and exchange of words between the  groups the two incidents in last ten days around Kanhaiya Kumar are worth watching.

On the occasion of the birth anniversary of Dr Bheemrao Ambedkar on 14 April when Kanhaiya Kumar was addressing a gathering in Nagpur shoes were hurled on him and some incident of stone pelting  happened too there and today it was heard that inside the plane when he was on his way to Pune  some scuffle happened inside the flight with a co passenger and contradictory versions are emerging on  that incident but irrespective of what actually happened in the flight and how much potential it had to damage Kanhaiya Kumar physically the larger question which arouse  is that  it seems that something happened which compelled the airline to de board both the passengers .

The whole debate which started from JNU in the name of nationalism has almost taken an ugly turn and if not thought seriously about the direction where things are heading for then definitely we as a nation are not going in right direction.

In last one decade the political atmosphere and the ideological  narrative across the world have changed so much and aggression along with seized mentality for insecurity of identity among right wingers are taking them to path of violent interpretation for their ideological priorities and goals .

In 2011 the whole world felt stunned when the Norway based Anders Beharing Vevrik massacred more than 70 people in his country and initially it was thought it was  the handy work of some terrorist organization but later it was revealed that he did this job to give  an ideological statement to the whole world  against the soft socialist approach of European politics and during the whole investigation it was found that he was too much influenced with his vision for the future of Europe which in his mind was under threat of losing its identity in next few decades in the wake of liberal left and socialist policies of political parties of Europe and their vulnerability to become soft to absorb the pressure of   fast growing immigration from Muslim countries.

The incident of Anders Behring Vevriek cautioned the Europe to take into account the threat of emergence of far right groups in Europe  along with terrorist organization who are heavily indoctrinated and influenced with Islamist interpretation of world order and want to reshape it with their method of terrorism and coercion and Europe woke to this reality and initiated to keep a vigil on this fast emerging trend and work to  arrest this growth to stop the repeat of 1930’s in Europe when Fascist mentality gripped the whole Europe as romantic ideology and interpretation of nationalism or patriotism become blurred and  color blind and the whole world suffered due to this menace.

In last one decade the fast growing phenomenon of “ Seized mentality with insecurity of losing the identity to other groups” has overtaken the ideological narrative of right wing politics around the world and from Germany, Austria, France , Switzerland, Holland , Norway to some extent to USA has not been unaffected with this new fast emerging trend of  neo fascist  ideology where the difference between racist discrimination and  attacks, violent reaction to dissent and temptation to emulate the violent method of Communism and Islamism to curb the freedom of expression, and taking the route of  soft terrorism in the name of protection of their values and identity is taking shape at least in the minds of the people and getting the support of public opinion as well.

India too is not unaffected with this fast emerging trend in last one decade and far right interpretation with violent overtone is overtaking the ideological narrative of right wing politics in country  and time has arrived to realize this reality and look into it seriously to arrest this trend rather  than shutting the eyes with preconceived notion of division of Nationalist and Anti Nationalist as Communist used to do with pre conceived nnotion of division for Have’s and Have Not’s or Islamists used to do with division with their version of right and wrong   and all these  definitions proved catastrophic and  every time   innocent people died when efforts were made to redefine thing on their own way .

Since the independence of India if we compare it with other nation states who equally got independence from their colonial masters along with India  it is only the India who has been able to retain  its geographical integrity with  the same boundary till date  which India earned on 15 August 1947 on the contrary other countries who got independence in the same period have to face the disintegration right from Pakistan to other Asia countries or African countries even USSR got divided in pieces but India remained undivided because of its rich heritage of the art to live with differences and accommodating the dissent voices and even to some extent absorbing separatist groups into political process .

Now days it is strange to witness that those who in their own opinion are the protector of the national interest and working tirelessly selflessly to safeguard the rich heritage of ancient civilization (according to their own interpretation) are creating more schism and chasm in the society. It is  still difficult to believe that  these  people are doing it intentionally but they are so influenced with “ Seized mentality of insecurity to losing their identity to other groups” that they are living with this perceived threat and doing everything to protect their nation but their own interpretation and definitions are getting narrower and blurred with each passing day which pulls the whole  ideological and political narrative  in wrong direction but we still have time to rectify it and work collectively for the betterment of the nation.