The major take away from Rahul Gandhi’s defamation Case

India has moved away from Gandhi-Godse debate.

Every major statement from a significant leader counts for two reasons – one, the representative form of politics gives an opportunity to read between the lines the statement of leader as manifestation and reflection of those people who are being represented by that particular leader. Mostly leaders speak or compelled to express the opinion of their constituents to hear them in the system.

Second- It provides as opportunity to assess the reach and lively relation of that leader with his masses. If leader is well aware of his masses and has good connect with them on occasions he would be considered as politically incorrect but he would always find him on correct path with his masses.

According to this formula the recent controversy which has surrounded around the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi for his alleged derogatory remark on RSS has drawn the attention of people as the new flash point of two ideological polls of Country since independence.

Apart from the legal and technical debate of defamation case it has some interesting political message behind this whole episode.

When the alleged case of defamation on Rahul Gandhi reached to the highest court of country it was expected that both the ideological polls would take this case as an opportunity to deliberate more to their point but the most interesting part was the clear indication of fatigue and detached attraction on this issue from both sides.

In last hearing when Apex court told Congress VP to either take back his statement on RSS  or face the trial, immediately after that court stricture  several provocative articles published in different magazines and called upon Rahul Gandhi and reminded him the legacy of his forefathers  to take on the RSS as his  previous generations took them head on as  they  could again smell  an opportunity in this case to push the ideological war in the garb of court case but more interestingly the passive reaction from Congress VP disappointed them and it has disappointed those elements even more when Rahul Gandhi absolved the RSS as an organization from his earlier statement on alleged assassination of Mahatma Gandhi .

The latest stand of Rahul Gandhi in Supreme Court could be illustrated as another defeat of Congress leader but it would be unfair to take away this simple observation from this whole episode because if he would have found an iota of political capital in dragging this case he would have chose to fight the case but why he opted for opposite which could well have the potential to be extrapolated as his ideological surrender?

The bigger take away is that India has moved away from “Gandhi –Godse” debate and this debate no more attracts the attention of either side of the people. This issue was dragged too long that it  has   lost its significance and appeal and several changes in country along with generational change too has changed the definitions, priorities and historical context of india . Rahul Gandhi of 2014 tried to reinvent “Gandhi” of 1940’s in him in 2014 with age old debate but in two years he surrendered to   the reality of New India which  has moved away from pre partition history and dogmas  and no more enjoy to live with nostalgic polarized debate of “ Gandhi vs Godse”.

Rahul Gandhi has realized that Mahtama Gandhi may be the face of currency of India but his name alone does not work as hard currency in political vocabulary in present context. But the fatigue of Rahul Gandhi to take further this ideological debate does not endorse either that “ Gandhi has been defeated by Godse”, on the contrary  India has moved away from both and if Rahul Gandhi can’t sustain his political career any more on old shoulders the other side too can’t expect to fill the vacumn without being get reinvented but reverse seems to be happening and very   dramatically the politics has taken turn in country  that “ Gandhi’s” are not eager to take the burden to prolong the battle of fatigue but those who vehemently had opposite views on Gandhi on several issues for decades   look more keen and eager to emulate the Gandhi in hope to achieve more endorsements in country and outside country.