Modi is fighting to whom?

We have successfully made country to crawl

For More than 100 hours the whole nation is unable to figure out its future direction and serious question mark has been put before every right thinking person who have the capacity and ability to use his or her brain beyond political partisanship to not only think about the situation of country but to bring it out from chaotic and unprecedented crisis in which people of the country were thrown from  those who were supposed to do everything possible to serve the people and ensure their welfare.

On 8th November 2016 when Prime Minister Narendra Modi suddenly came out before the people of the country in his first televised address to the nation and in a dramatic way he announced to scrap the currencies of 500 and 1000 from the midnight. The immediate effect of the decision could not be measured but dramatic announcement aroused the hope among the people of the country that Prime Minister who previously did several dramatic unilateral events and  surprises with less substantive results  would have done all the ground work and preparations with full anticipation of the gravity of the fall out of the  decision but after more than 100 hours have passed since decision have been announced it seems Prime Minister and Finance Minister both have disappointed and prove those people wrong who were thinking unthinkable that government has come out of its sustained character of taking grave issues in casual way.

Since Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stormed to power in May 2014 his series of decisions have proved how casual he had been to address the serious issues. The first critical policy issue which he took in hand was Land acquisition bill and his unilateral approach to enter into this issue landed him into trouble and his flip flop along with taking the route beyond the parliament on this issue was the first testimony to prove that he is more interested to play the role of warrior who is fighting with everyone rather than running a government for the welfare of the people. His inability to build consensus on Land acquisition Bill and succumbing to the pressure of populist politics made him vulnerable to be exposed as naïve on other issues.

It was the turning point in shaping the mind  and  point of view of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to go further with his model of governance.

In May 2014 when Modi entered into Prime Minister Office he was taken as outsider from traditional elites and given his strong ideological scuffle with certain groups made him to feel that he was not welcomed in certain powerful corridors   and   certain groups along with people or organizations exploited this sense of uneasiness and rather than bridging the gap between these two they kept   fueling the insecurity among Narendra  Modi with their theory  to make him feel that  sustained and deliberate attempt is being made to malign him  to not give him recognition among the elites and this whispering campaign divided the lack of trust even more in both groups as each one of them started to look to each other as their enemies and rather dialogue or communication  both worked to overthrow each other’s credibility among   common people and masses were used as their pawn in this battle.

It had been the major reason why Prime Minister Narendra Modi prefer to work in secrecy and eventful surprises has become hallmark of his governance. His sudden announcement of Naga Accord with Naga reble group or  Last year’s   surprise visit to Nawaj Sharif to Lahore to see him on his birth date and attend a wedding in his house were   examples  how he does not believe in consensus because he believes in fighting the battle every time whether in the form of perception or with issues.

His dramatic announcement of scrapping the big currencies with alleged secrecy even without measuring and anticipating the suffering of the common people again raises serious question about his model of governance which seems to be more concerned in battling the issues rather than welfare of the people.

Since 100 hours have passed to the announcement of scrapping the big currencies  and Prime Minister himself along with Finance Minister repeatedly claiming that it  is an historic step which needs patience and sacrifice from people of the country does not amount to be statements from government but it looks as leaders from Indian National congress before independence were asking for the people to have patience and be ready for sacrifice to pave the way for historical change.

If government would have been interested or focused to clean up drive in economy or pulling out the unaccounted money from economy it would have taken up the issue in some other way.

The present scenario of the country does not allow the use of plastic money with immediate effect with wider reach to the people of the country  because millions of millions of people have no access to debit card or credit and internet connectivity is another big issue which needs more time to get proliferated into every nook and corner of the country and it need massive efforts from governments to cover the whole nation. The massive efforts from government too needed to convert Indian post office system into banking system and bring most of the rural population into banking system before thinking about cashless society or culture in country. Before doing all these efforts and confronting to the realities of the country how a sudden announcement and decision from prime Minister can fill all the wholes.

Was government not aware of these facts on ground or they are not serious in their efforts and present crisis is simply a  result of   another event with surprise element to grab the headlines and compel the whole nation to watch and think about one personality.

Above all the immediate possible  reasons behind this decision  the one of them could be to fight with so called traditional elites and the most talked political family and made them to crawl as most people in government and Prime Minister himself seems to be of the opinion along with most of his supporters that this political family and their elite cronies are the symbol  of the system since independence of the nation and if they will be made accountable the system could be changed and today when Prime Minister Modi spoke  in Japan and emphasized that   who have unaccountable money since independence will be made to be accountable , actually he was echoing his mind  which was  not confined  to make them accountable for money alone but  was inherent with message that he want to change the whole system and present decision is the fight of nerves to anticipate how long he can walk on this path as he believe that people of the country are with him as long as he is able to made first political family and traditional elites to look before people of the country as the main source of evil for country.

The sudden announcement to scrap the big currencies has less to do with economy but it has more to do with ego battle in two groups  and common people have been made pawn in this battle and they are the biggest causality to be caught in the crossfire of two ideological groups who are fighting their battle since 2002  and common people have been made emotionally fool from both sides on several issues from secularism to terrorism and corruption to black money. It is the power game which both sides play with each other where common people were used to balance the swing in their favor.

If Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his finance Minister are serious in their efforts to clean up drive of economy to pull out unaccounted money they would have done it in very smooth and transit way with full preparation to keep people away from any inconvenience but they are making it an issue and creating a crisis because they are accustomed to fight and now their enemy has become too weak to fight so they have chosen to fight with people of  the country.