National Herlad Case more than it looks to eyes

Why Rahul Gandhi takes on Modi?

rahul gandhi and modiThe buzz on much awaited winter session of parliament started much before even it was started and political fall out of Bihar election results gives the buzz a most intense political debate that what will happen to winter session of parliament , will it follow the same path of previous session which washed out without any serious business or something serious business would come out from this session.


The changed political atmosphere after Bihar results forced political parties to change their goal posts and re strategies themselves and just before the commencement of new session Vice president of Congress Rahul Gandhi delivered a message to Prime Minister Narendra Modi from Mount Carmel to reach out to them however it was entirely not his call but something was going on in the background before prime Minister Modi invited Mrs Sonia Gandhi and Dr Manmohan Singh on his residence to rectify the perception of ignoring the opposition and not walking extra mile to ensure the smooth functioning of Parliament session.

Things were going in right direction and people were hoping against hope for a good and cordial working relations between Prime Minister Modi and Gandhi’s but in the meantime Gandhi’s were summoned from court in National herald case with some observations and decisions which have the potential to become Bofors for Gandhi’s if not handled from their side .

At this point of time one thing can be said with certainty that the luck factor which was riding with Prime Minister Modi since 2013 has shifted its camp because what could have been the win win situation for Modi if court would have given its verdict on summoning Gandhi’s sometimes after winter session of parliament, one the one hand he would have been successful in smooth passage of major bills which are key to his resolve for economic reform and after the smooth passage of bills he would have the better chance to target Gandhi’s on corruption issue to futile their chances to pose a political challenge to him in near future.

At this point of time it seems very difficult that any side will relent . Gandhi’s cannot allow the National Herald case to dictate the political discourse of country and build the perception for  Gandhi’s and Congress with corruption which Rahul Gandhi want to erase , on the other BJP and Modi would never allow this opportunity to slip from their hand where the popular sentiments of 2013 on corruption goes unchanged and any political alternate  spearheaded by Congress could not take place.

BJP think that if winter session washes on the issue of National Herald case the blame will go to the Congress which is blocking the parliament to save its leaders from court proceedings but Congress thinks otherwise or it can be said that they have no other option than to be obstructionist .

But at this point of time those who think that Congress is stupid and naive in its strategy are simplifying the situation and circumstances .  At present the question before Congress is not to build herself as an alternate but to survive the bad patch and frustrate as well as provoke  Modi and his government by not allowing him to give the pace to his economic reforms which in long term can not produce any fruit for political advantage in near future.

The more aspiration among the people from  Modi get unfulfilled the more people become indifferent to him and any drop in his popularity always give more space for ideologists within his broader ideological family  to  look it as result of the diversion from basic ideological issues and force him as to swing more towards Hindutva and socialist thoughts  . The more disruption and obstruction will work for Congress because it not only damage Narendra Modi domestically but at abroad also.

The national Herald case may have been the legal battle but it provides a glimpse into our contemporary politics.