Now it’s official Modi’s BJP too support quota politics

Does pressure work for Modi

Almost two years ago in the run up to the General elections the Prime Ministerial candidate for BJP Narendra Modi inspires the whole country with some new vision and  his consistent attack on the conventional  political culture in Indian political parties to succumb to  the pressure of vote bank politics  and his diagnose to this political  problem which  did  not allow political parties    to look to the people of the country as an unit but  to look to them as fractured social and religious groups according to their political priority  was one of the reason for the country to left behind and   this new terminology and definition from Narendra Modi  arouse the hope among the people of the country to look to the general elections as an opportunity to not only elect a political leader but a new visionary leader who has the will and power both to take India into the new century with new agenda , new narratives to achieve new goals,  but in last two years since Narendra Modi has been elected  to the power his vision to take India into  new era has been replaced with the crude reality of he  too succumbing to  the pressure of political compulsions .

In the run up to the general elections when BJP in general and Narendra Modi himself in particular projected the so called “ Gujarat Model” it always has the inherent message  that “ Development” alone has the solution to every problem of country and the fault line of cast , creed and religion which  emerges in political landscape from time to time  because in last more than six decades the political parties in the country have not been able to move the people of country along with development as an unit and once the development will become the mass movement and people of the country participate with all round development of the country most of the problems those have fragmented the people will automatically evaporate .

This new “ Mantra” of development and the vision behind this mantra attracted the people towards Modi and he become the gravitational force behind political change which most of the people read more between the lines as third political turning point in Indian political history  since 1947 when Country got the freedom followed by the economic reform and liberalization in 1991 .

But it has been utter disappointment to witness In last two years  that   on several occasions  Narendra Modi has been found  vulnerable to political pressure and  electoral compulsions like  any other political parry who is  more concerned and worried and to some extent  feel insecure  for the electoral performance of his party in every state elections  and since his party lost the legislative elections in Delhi and Bihar  he has distracted from  his track and his temperament as well confidence to move on the reform and new vision has been badly shattered and he has decided to return to the old conventional path of more tested and beaten track of politics and the latest decision of the Gujarat government to grant the 10% quota to the economically backward people from general category is another political disaster in the happening for the Narendra Modi .

This new decision of the Gujarat government will neither pacify those   groups   who are demanding the quota nor it will   generate or ignite any new alternate debate on the existing  structure of the quota , on the contrary it will give more ammunition to the  opposition parties to create more confusion and insecurity among the schedule casts and backward casts to propagate further  the argument that  this is an attempt to altar the present structure of the quota and redefine the criteria  from social and educational backwardness to economic backwardness .

The question of reservation for socially backward has been very controversial and delicate and it has certain historical background  behind it and it would have been always better that Narendra Modi would have worked more to reform the educational structure along with aggressive and active  push of economic reform to take the country in to new era to create  more jobs and provide more conducive atmosphere for  new opportunities of  entrepreneurship but it has been   disappointing to see  that rather than taking the path of economic reform and tough measures on policy front he completed his less than half tenure in office without any aggressive reform push and in the absence of any radical new vision and  bold initiative the  country seems to be slipping in the status quo and the old repeated questions and  issues are chasing him too in the absence of any new vision and destination.

The latest decision of Gujarat government to grant more quotas is not the solution of any problem neither social nor economic it will only aggravate the demand for more reservations and quotas among various  social groups and they  will exploit the vulnerability of Narendra Modi for his insecurity to electoral politics.

Narendra Modi still have time with him and he has the only choice to go for social and economic reform and take the country forward because if he decide to return to the comfort zone of more secure and beaten track it will create further political space for conventional political parties and Modi will not be able to use it as his political capital as Narendra Modi was the face of aspiration and hope to take country forward and find new solutions to older problems.