The Panama paper crisis for Nawaj Sharif escalates

Nawaj Sharif in deep crisis

Islamabad, The Panama Papers leak which has triggered a political crisis in Pakistan with a standoff between ruling PML-N and opposition parties does not seem to be ending in near future. As soon as the names of Family members of Pakistan Premier surfaced in the Panama Papers with allegations of having offshore companies in tax heaven states to evade the tax and scrutiny of the legal system the Prime Minister of Pakistan tried to put a brave face before people of his country and in his address to the nation on 22 April he proposed for an investigation on allegations thrown upon him and his family members  from Panama Papers and in this regard he wrote a letter to the chief justice of Pakistan to Investigate the matter and the Pakistan Prime Minister  also   promised before the people of his country that he would abide by the decisions of the enquiry commission as he is accountable to the people of his country  but the latest reply from the Chief Justice of Pakistan Anwar Zaheer Jamali on the request of the government of Pakistan  is being considered as a big jolt to the ongoing efforts from Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif to absolve his family members from this crisis .

According to the Pakistan media the Chief Justice of Pakistan has replied back to the Law ministry refusing the earlier request from Pakistan Premier to investigate the matter and wrote the ministry that until the terms of reference  on the enquiry commission is agreed upon and the names of the people to be probed is provided he cannot reply to the government.

The issue of terms of reference for the enquiry has been stuck and has become the major point for the difference between Ruling dispensation and opposition parties. Earlier opposition parties in Pakistan climbed down from their previous  demand to push for the resignation of the Prime Minister on Panama Paper issue  and last week  agreed to the draft of the terms of reference but in their terms of reference opposition parties want a three member  judicial commission headed by Chief Justice of  Pakistan to be formed with an act of parliament and the commission should first hold an enquiry on Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif and his family members and the commission should be given three months time limit to complete its enquiry and It can be extended to the month four given the situation.

Given the fact that terms of reference for an enquiry is dividing the ruling party and opposition, The new reply from Chief Justice of Pakistan to the government to first agree upon the term of reference could put lot of pressure on Nawaj Sharif and the new round of negotiations between ruling party and opposition cannot be ruled out but in the new scenario opposition will be on upper hand to bring Sharif on the negotiating table on its conditions. Because it was Nawaj Sharif himself promised for a probe on this matter and to be abiding by the outcome of the probe.