Rahul Gandhi’s Mandir jibe

Rahul Gandhi in Assam
Politics is politics
Politics is politics

One important rule of politics has changed in the entire world to exploit the maximum space of media to be shown and published more often and be in news no matter how you make news and in this fast changing trend every time the party or personality gains who is in opposition and still untested.

This new phenomenon gives so much credence and values to allegations sometimes unsubstantiated and due to these allegations those make allegations create their space and those who have to encounter it find themselves on back foot.

The role of half truth and rumors have always been there in politics and particularly in Indian media it has always played a major role but the most interesting part of this phenomenon is that Congress has always been the victim of rumor style politics.

The half truth and rumors always affected badly to Congress since Pt Nehru to Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi to Sonia Gandhi when most of the conspiracy theories , half truth and rumors never been substantiated with facts but they damaged Congress politically.

Now, Rahul Gandhi has decided to change the course and have adopted the political doctrine of half truth and rumors to gain his lost political ground .

In last few months not once but many occasions it has happened when he talked about certain issues, incidents which circulated into the air and become part of gossip and rumor may be those have not be totally true . It has not been the case with Rahul Gandhi only his fellow party members seems to have adopted the same tactics and when congress member Shailja Kumari raised the issue of cast discrimination in one of the temple in Gujarat she was adopting the same tactics which their adversaries have successfully implemented in past years.

When Rahul Gandhi spoke  about his experience in Assam where he was not being allowed to enter into Temple in Barpeta and it was deliberately done by the supporters of BJP and RSS he was again doing the same trick to circulate the half truth and rumor to become part of gossip .

Most of the people misunderstood may be they understand but pretend to not and conclude that Rahul Gandhi is immature and naïve in politics and doing nonsensical things which make him laughing stock but this is not the case. Rahul Gandhi is working with a strategy to frustrate and provoke RSS and BJP with every single day on issues which hurt those most and expose them before the people as intolerant group who monopolize the religion for their political gain.