Why Rajnath Singh should not have visited Islamabad?

Courtsey www.ndtv.com

Few days ago when first time   I heard the news that union Home Minister Rajnath Singh would be visiting Islamabad to attend the SAARC summit of home Ministers for SAARC countries I found it very difficult to search even an iota of utility or diplomatic benefit for this visit. Having tried hard to search the diplomatic utility into this subject with every possible way I get nothing but disappointment.

Since morning the conflicting reports have emerged on this summit and these reports have made the whole subject even more confusing. Few reports suggest that the speech of Union Home Minister in SAARC summit was blacked out in Pakistan and it was not allowed to be telecast in Pakistan.  Few hours later Indian external ministry denied the reports of blacking out of the  speech of Union Home Minister.

Then came the news and analysis on the some important parts of the speech of Home Minister Rajnath Singh  which claimed that Union Home Minister talked in very straight and plain way to mirror out the real face to  Pakistan on its own land   but this report too proved  to be conflicting as Home minister of Pakistan Nisar Khan came out with claim that union Home Minister of India talked about “Terrorism” in generic sense but did not  name any particular country and not  mentioned individuals either .

Later when the most crucial parts of the speech of Union Home Minister of India surfaced in media it was quite clear that it was another “ Good speech or persuasive discourse” the  classical Indian  stance on “ Terrorism” for more than decades but the most crucial question is did the one of the most important member of Indian Government chose to attend the SAARC summit and visit the same state to whom he just days ago  alleged in the parliament  of inciting the trouble inside Indian territory only to deliver a “ Good generic speech on Terrorism” .

If we try to judge the utility of the visit of Rajnath Singh to Islamabad it had the potential to become  a big success if  he would have been directly naming Pakistan in his speech   for inciting and supporting   terrorist attacks in Mumbai and Pathankoat or pointing fingers to them for their shameless protection to terrorists like Hafiz Saeed , Lakhvi , Masood Azhar and Dawood Ibrahim but none of these things happened and we are made to   believe that it was big diplomatic success for India as it exposed Pakistan among SAARC countries in a meeting of Home Ministers where three Home Ministers of South Asian countries did not participate .

The union Home Minister is important part of the union cabinet so it is unimaginable and unbelievable that he would have taken the decision to visit Islamabad alone, no doubt it was collective decision of the cabinet but whoever had advised the government to take this decision had done a great mistake and disservice to the nation and again proved them Naïve on the issue of foreign policy and diplomacy.


The visit of Union Home Minister has given more propaganda value to the Pakistan on “K” word and Pakistan has brazenly and openly displayed that it is being run by Rawalpindi not Islamabad and the definition of terrorism is very different for Pakistan because if would  not have been the case the terrorist organizations would not been allowed to protest the visit of Indian Home Minister in full government protection.

Once union Home Minister has proclaimed in the parliament that Pakistan is inciting the trouble in Kashmir valley either he had  visited Islamabad with strong home work to prove them as a nation who support or harbor terror or he would have avoided the visit as it gave the much needed opportunity to Pakistan to poke its nose in Kashmir issue  with its age old arguments to justify the terrorism inside India to the whole world that    both the nations have their different  perspectives and interpretations for terrorism.