‘Rape’ Shame us but we are unmoved

Rape shame us
Rape shame us

The most tragic part of our political system , politicians and to some extent with our society is that they woke up on certain issues under the influence of consistent noise but it happens rarely when they all collectively connect themselves with the consciousness of such issues.

We can remind ourselves that it was not several years have passed when most of the Delhi was on the streets to express its anger and frustration on the gruesome, barbaric and inhuman rape incident to Nirbhaya. It was thought that this social consciousness will be inflamed ever and our policy makers and administration will not allow us to be ashamed on the issue of rape and incidents of rape will not surface in the headlines of the media.

Unfortunately it has not been the case now and the capital city of country is regularly feeling ashamed with such incidents.

Why we as a society and our political system and administration are failing ourselves on such crucial and burning issue?

There could be several reasons for that and some of them could be the following reasons.

  • Our response to several problems has always been as society to look away from those problems due to two basic reasons. One any problem which has its sociological and psychological aspect does not get enthuse support because once the problem will be recognized it need diagnosis and then cure and in this process society and system has to work to rectify the problem which is not easy to do. Second problem is the temptation to find out escape route for such critical problems and go for some quick relief to deviate the attention of the people and pacify the anger for the time being from the issue so it can’t create any immediate trouble.
  • The issue of ‘ Rape’ is essentially related with the deep rooted mindset of society for the women which is essentially discriminatory in its nature where they have been treated as commodity for long time ( no matter which society they belong their sufferings are the same)  and they are being targeted and persecuted  time and again to keep them in check and describe  their position in society to  them with deliberate attempt   to crush their confidence and raping the women never been considered as a crime against humanity because most of the societies in the world think women are commodities and property and they are bound to be exploited and used by Male and unless the resolve and campaign will be launched to eradicate this mindset in long term  we can’t claim to not feel ashamed on the issue of rape in near future .

As a society we need to ask ourselves how much we have progressed since the famous Hindi Poet Maithily Sharan Gupta wrote about women “ Abala Jiwan haay tumari yahi kahani , aanchal mein hai doodh aur aankhon mein paani” ( Helpless Women you have the same story milk in your breast and tears in your eyes)

Rape shame us
Rape shame us