Ravi Shastri as Indian cricket coach

Middle Path approcah

The ongoing suspense around the new coach for Indian Cricket team has finally ended when BCCI recommended the name of former captain of Indian team and famous commentator Ravi Shastri as its new coach.

The name of Ravi Shastri has been finalized with some riders as the great middle order batsman of his time and famously been considered as one among the   legends of Indian cricket  Sachin Tendulkar   , Saurav Ganguly  , V VS Laxman and Anil Kumble, Rahul Dravid has been too appointed as the consultant for cricket team as batting coach when cricket team    goes   abroad to play series. The name of zaheer Khan as bowling coach has come into the controversy as Ravi Shatri wants Arun Bhagat as his associate .

The appointment of Ravi Shastri has not gone well in every section as few found it status quoist step to bring an end to the ongoing process of radical changes in cricket administration who were advocating for more power and participation for cricketers in administration rather than politicians or people who cannot stood to them  and Ravi Shastri is looked as middle path approach to placate the ongoing culture of political interference in administration  and monopoly of certain regions in the BCCI administration.

The appointment of new coach was seen closely and was  crucial in the backdrop of more growing  demand to accept the recommendations of Lodha commission to initiate new reform in BCCI.

The regional imbalance or call it regional monopoly  and political interference in Indian cricket has its bitter memories with Indian cricket which time and again hamper  its performance and compromised with talents   and in year 2000 when match fixing allegations shocked the Indian cricket fans and cricket administration the new generation of cricketers alike Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, VVS laxman , Anil Kumble provided new hope to Indian cricket with their integrity and devotion for game  and now these cricketers needs to be given more say in cricket administration to make Indian cricket more professional and free of politics and regional monopoly and certainly Ravi Shastri is not the man for the moment as BCCI missed an opportunity to take up reform further.