Pakistan admits its relations with US are in bad shape

Pakistan does not enjoy the confidence of US anymore

Islamabad, The recent decision of US administration to starve Pakistan out of subsidy in its purchase in F-16  fighter jets from US has forced Pakistan to admit that its relations with US is not in its best phase  shape and they have deteriorated in last three months even more which were under cloud of suspicion and misunderstanding since 2011.

According to Pakistan Media reports the adviser to the Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif on foreign policy matters Sartaj Aziz openly admits the sliding in relations between US and Pakistan in winding up a debate in senate on an adjournment motion on the decision of the US administration to withdraw the proposed subsidy on F-16 Fighter jets to Pakistan.

According to the Pakistan Media Sartaj Aziz told the senate that relations between USA and Pakistan has been swinging between ups and downs since 2011 after wikileaks, Raymond Davis, Abottabad operation and some other incidents but from 2013  the relations goes to the upwards and the trajectory and chemistry was on the upward but in last three month the relations are facing bad weather and the latest decision of the US to withdraw the subsidy on F-16 fighter jets are the manifestation of this growing stress between relations of both countries.

According to Sartaj Aziz the major reasons behind the difference of opinion between both countries  are the concern of the US on    the nuclear issue of  Pakistan  which Pakistan  rightly rejects and the Haqqani network too has been on the top of the US agenda along which bothers Pakistan and along  with these issues some other issues as Dr Shakil Afridi ( The famous doctor who helped US to reach out to Osama Bin Laden is still languishing in Pakistan jail and it has become an election issue in US presidential campaign)  are too have broadened the gap of confidence between these countries who have been strong allies to each other since days of cold war and post 9\11.

The new admission of the Pakistan on its cold relations with US can open the floodgates of new strategic shift in South Asia and West Asia and new kind of geo political strategic chess board will be put on the strategic landscape of this region.