Salman Khan to promote the Olympic: Are we really serious about sports?

Salman Khan the new sports icon

When very first the news circulated in the air about Famous  Bollywood actor Salman Khan been chosen to promote the Olympics as goodwill ambassador it was hard to digest for several reasons and the immediate controversy which surrounded the decision with some angry reactions from sports legends proved the point that decision to select Salman Khan as good will ambassador for Olympics not only reflects the casual approach from the sports authorities in  India but their utter contempt of feeling  to  look to  sports  which  lacks the glamour and event management around them as  Bollywood keeps with it.

The decision to select Salman Khan as goodwill ambassador for Olympics seems to be more to promote the actor  and his next movie “ Sultan” in which he is playing the role of a wrestler , rather than the Olympic itself because an Actor who used to remain in news for his legal cases pending around him for his irresponsible and sometimes childish behavior  could hardly be believed to be inspiring  the young generation of the country to instill and generate their faith in Olympics.

Once  the decision of the selection of Salman Khan as goodwill ambassador for the Rio Olympic came out  the different views from different section of people have made the issue more interesting and controversial.  The immediate question on the wisdom of sports authorities in taking this decision  was raised by wrestler Yogeshwar Dutt and it was followed by The legend Milkha Singh who was once been called the “ Flying Sikh” who too  reacted to this decision and raised the question as well  on the wisdom of sports authorities  to appoint a Bollywood actor as an ambassador to Sports. Some other sports person  looked upset on this decision but the whole debate took an interesting turn when the father of Actor  Salim Khan jumped into this controversy to not only defend the decision to appoint his son as goodwill brand ambassador for Rio Olympic but he went too far  and challenged Milkha Singh that he was fading away in oblivion and it was Bollywood which resurrected him in the memory of the people of the country.

The angry and emotional outburst of veteran Salim Khan was not only the utmost contempt for the contribution of Milkha Singh but was out of fact too as it was not the movie on Milkha Singh in recent years has   reminded the people of his contribution in the sports but even decades before this movie in the 90’s TV famous serial was made on the contributions of Milkha Singh.

The selection of Salman Khan as goodwill ambassador to Rio Olympics only reflects the non serious and casual approach of our government and sports authorities  for sports and even further painful is the growing mentality to look everything in the prism of event management and mixing them with Bollywood “ Tadka” .

In this whole ongoing debate the  more shocking and bizarre  arguments are coming from Bollywood actors like Paresh Rawal and other celebrities who are justifying this decision because in their   views no one in the country bothered to  Olympics and Salman Khan’s association with this event will give it more popularity  and more people would come to know about the Olympics.

This argument is shocking and bizarre because whenever our sportspersons have earned the medals in Olympics the whole country has celebrated them and in every sports competition right from Commonwealth to Asian games to  Olympic games  the whole country watches keenly  to the performances of our sports persons  with  huge  expectations    and it is wrong to presume that country is unaware about the Olympics and the country need the faces of Bollywood actors to recognize the importance of Olympics.

Neither it was the ignorance from the side of people of country which has hampered the prospects of medals in Olympics and nor the efforts ,stamina and ambition to  achieve the success is lacking  in  our sport persons if anything has let them down is the utter negligence , politics and corruption in the sports administration in the country  and if government and sports authorities are really serious to promote the sports in country then we don’t need Salman Khan as goodwill brand ambassador,  we only need good and honest will of our sports authorities to create an atmosphere where  let talents achieve  what they deserve and corruption along with politics should not hinder their way of success.