Saudi Announces Anti terrorism Islamic coalition

Saudi worries for ISIS and Iran both

Today in a significant development Saudi has announced an anti terror coalition comprised of mainly Islamic countries from Arab, Africa and Asia and 34 countries from these regions have decided to become part of this coalition including Pakistan but the most interesting part of this coalition is that the arch rival of Saudi’s in Gulf region Iran is not part of this coalition and name of Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria is also not included in this coalition.

The immediate necessity of this coalition can be described as panic reaction from Arab countries mainly countries belong to gulf region to come together against common adversary named ISIS. The immediate concern for these states are to avoid any internal revolt on ethnic ground ( they are worried that with help of Iran their Shia minorities can exploit the difficult phase imposed on them due to the threat of ISIS) and crush the possibility of ISIS getting any credence among the people of these countries as an ideological alternate to wahabbi school of thought which have been spearheading the Islamism   and its own fundamentalist interpretation of Islam to other countries  for hundreds of years to keep their people intact and exporting the ideas of Wahabbi to other nations to create trouble ( for them it was their holy religious duty but it was trouble for others) .

Other interesting part is involvement of Pakistan in this coalition who has been the strong propagator of Wahabbi thoughts inside South Asia and it is equally worried for its possible internal revolt on ethnic ground and ISIS replacing its Radical Islamic thoughts with more violent and militant alternate.

Iran, Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan have decided to not be the part of this anti terror coalition which also indicates the possible show down of Iran and Saudi Arab in not only in gulf region but in the whole Middle Eastern region and more interference along with intervention of Iran in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Syria could not be ruled out.