Sharad Pawar Memoirs and lesson for Nitish and MSY

Sharad Pawar
Strong Maratha Man
Strong Maratha Man

The Maratha strong man and every time considered as dark horse for Prime Ministership when political uncertainty arises in country. The same strong Maratha man Sharad Pawar   again reminded his political stature on his 75th birth anniversary when leaders from almost all political parties gathered on this occasion and when he came out with his memoirs in his book some very interesting revelations came out open to the world which were mere speculations and part of gossips.

One interesting incident he has narrated within congress party which took place after the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi when Congress came to power and the issue of leadership was under intense debate.  He has talked in length how he could not pass the loyalty test of Mrs Sonia Gandhi and ailing P V Narsimha Rao was given priority on strong Maratha man because he could not pose the challenge to Gandhi’s in near future and according to Sharad Pawar this was the only reason that he was forced out from the race of Prime Minister ship in 1991.

The second and most interesting revelation he has made about the dramatic political development inside parliament in 1999 when 13 moth old Vajpaee government lost its majority from the margin of one vote and he has to resign , but the most astonishing fact is that Sharad Pawar has claimed that in last moment he told BSP leader Mayawati inside parliament just before the voting to vote against the Vajpaee government as it was in her political interest in UP.

Now after almost 16 years ultimately country came to know the sudden dramatic events which led to fall the Vajpaee government.

Sharad Pawar is the leader who gives clear idea about the limits of any regional leader to aspire for the post of Prime minister and inevitable role of Congress party in general and Gandhi’s in particular to make anyone Prime Minister in any other formation other than BJP.

In this background of the memoirs of Sharad Pawar two political projections can be analyzed which are in the political atmosphere for last few months. One projection which has came out in circulation after the Bihar verdict that Nitish Kumar have the potential to challenge the leadership of Narendra Modi in the general elections of 2019. Second projection which was brought in discussion from the chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Akhilesh Yadav when he in a programme in national capital before the Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi floated the idea of a coalition with Congress once the oldest political party of India agrees to become the deputy of the chief of Samajwadi Party Mulayam Singh Yadav.

Now the most seasoned politician and once strong congress leader but presently splinter congress family member Sharad Pawar clears any doubt from the political atmosphere of the country where any non BJP formation is possible without the support of Congress or Gandhi’s.

Although Sharad pawar has told that he was left out from the race of Prime Ministership in 1991 because he was quite young in comapre to PV  Narsimha Rao but who knows the same logic can work for him in 2019 when he will be old enough to pose any threat to the leadership of Rahul Gandhi for near future because  Congress president herself and Vice President himself knows very well that in 2019 Congress will have the chance to repeat 2004 and in that scenario they will need a leader who can stich a grand alliance and pave the way for Rahul Gandhi .