Stalin pleads for Rahul Gandhi-What does it mean?

Image- Manormaonline

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi would like to memorize the month of December 2018 as one of the best moments of his political career at least in last four and half years, when he not only stunned the people of country along with his opponents in politics to transform him from a dynast liability to vote puller serious challenger to BJP leadership. This transformation for Rahul Gandhi would never have been visible if he has not been able to win the three Hindi speaking states for his party to dislodge the incumbent BJP from power. The victories for  Congress party in these states have changed lot of political dynamics in states and country and the posturing of different political parties and their leaders have begin to change with new political realities.

Days after assembly elections results were declared a big political statement was heard from significant southern state TamilNadu when a strong Dravidian Party DMK endorsed the leadership of Rahul Gandhi and requested other political parties with secular values to accept the leadership of Rahul Gandhi for broader alliance in upcoming general elections in next year.

The leader of DMK M K Stalin has today reiterated his demand to project Congress president Rahul Gandhi as the candidate for Prime Minister from the broader alliance suppose to take on ruling BJP at centre in upcoming general elections.

The repeated request and demand from DMK president Stalin had deeper political meanings because the DMK has the strong history of taking calculated political move and their leadership speaks in very measured way with great responsibility.

In last four and half years BJP have tried hard to bring back the political culture where  their domination on entire country  become imminent and inevitable and regional parties should be forced to cede their political ground in favor of  BJP and this aggression of BJP not only frightened the regional parties but opened the new chapter in Indian political history.

The assertive and aggressive BJP decided to move their winning chariot in new territories which earlier were  supposed to be untouchable for BJP and in this process the major alliance of different political parties become inevitable to confront this juggernaut, but the real question remained unanswered and which gave upper hand to BJP every time when the debate on major alliance against BJP begins that who will be the face of the alliance and what would be the program and vision of that supposed alliance. This handicap of alliance could not give them credence among the eyes of people and when BJP dismissed this ideas as a bunch of people who are coming together out of fear for Narendra Modi to create hurdles in his clean up drive, the argument was taken seriously by the people.

In last four and half years when Congress was consistently on the path of decay and consistent electoral defeats or losing out the states to BJP made them almost irrelevant political force in Indian politics and mostly it was thought that ideology which Congress represented for decades had been gradually rejected by the people of country and they are looking for the new ideas and alternatives and the inability of regional parties to provide any new idea with pan national appeal or any face with pan national appeal made this perception even more stronger.

The victory of Congress in three Hindi speaking states reversed this political trend of last four and half years and the real ideological battle between BJP and Congress party which got momentum with every political battle in Hindi states , indicated for the Congress party that it still survives with its ideological and political clout and DMK chief Stalin want to capitalize on this victory to come out with some serious ideological discussions and visions to give the shape to next general elections.

The issue of projecting a face for Prime Minister candidate from supposed alliance against BJP could be the strategic issue for alliance and they could work out on it their way but M K Stalin has given more weight and seriousness to the whole idea of supposed alliance against BJP in general elections and with victory of Congress party in three states the aura of Rahul Gandhi has received transformation and the discussion of alliance around his name would be taken more seriously in coming days.