Surprise Diplomacy of Modi

Charm offensive

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has again surprised everyone with his move on Pakistan policy by deciding to visit the Pakistan Prime Minister in Lahore on the occasion of his birth Day. According to Media reports Prime Minister Narendra Modi twitted about his halt in Lahore in his en route to Delhi from Kabul for almost two hour at the residence of Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif .


What could the reason behind this visit and hopefully bilateral talk between two prime Ministers of neighboring countries

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi was in Russia for last two three days and from there he visited Kabul the capital of Afghanistan to inaugurate the newly constructed parliament of Afghanistan and from there his  visit to Lahore could not be seen as a coincidence as more coincidences in diplomacy cannot be termed coincidence any more but definitely it is  part of greater design for regional security and block on the issue of security of central Asia and concerning the stability and security of Afghanistan in this region   but one more important question why Prime Minster Narendra Modi is dealing with such important strategic issue with such secrecy and making it merely part of charm offensive diplomacy between individuals .


  • Since the days of I K Gujaral when he was Prime Minister for a brief period of time in 1996-97 he rolled out Gujaral Doctrine  which emphasized more on the personal chemistry between state heads of  India  and Pakistan in narrowing down the differences between two countries and Atal Bihari Vajapee to Dr Manmohan Singh both adopted this policy . It seems Modi too want to pursue this policy.  Does it mean he has nothing new to offer on Pakistan front?


  • Today is also the birth day of tall BJP leader and former Prime Minister Atal Biahri Vajapee who also visited Lahore in his tenure as Prime Minister and played a statesman now Modi want to remind the people of his legacy and want to draw a bigger line before him in diplomacy to prove his diplomatic credentials.



  • There is also a buzz in media circles which could be true to some extent that allegations of Corruption against his colleagues in cabinet would have demanded PM Modi to do something dramatic to divert the attention and surprise everyone but this could not be the prime Motivation.