The angry UP seems agitated

Image- DNAIndia

The writer of these lines , when landed in the remote areas of the Avadh region of the most populated state of the Country Uttar Pradesh did not have the idea that  perception  between people and ruling dispensation at centre and state both could carry so huge communication gap .

In last few years the Central Government headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and state Government led by priest turned politician Adityanath left no stone unturned in announcing from every available platform that their primary focus of governance is to provide corruption free government with large stake and participation  of  poor and under privilege . The large announcement from Government heads both at centre and state could make any observer to feel that serious changes are happening on the ground and the writer of these lines too hoped to witness some serious change at ground but it was no more than big surprise to witness one lady in her 40’s with five grown children and large responsibility on her shoulders depending on the daily income of her husband with 250 Rs to take care of her house painted the gloomy picture of affairs in state of Uttar Pradesh. She was more upset with poor mechanism and poor delivery system of different flag schemes of Central government which had become the largest source of micro level corruption   on ground with equal participation of representatives of people and government machinery. The poor delivery system and huge leakage has made the claims of corruption free and transparent government a crude joke on the ground.   

The government claims that bio metric system of Aadhar has ensured more transparency in distribution of grains to BPL people  but on the contrary it has become the biggest source of corruption as nexus of government officers and distributors on micro level has made the poor and illiterates so confused for this system as they are being provided with fake equipment to verify their bio metric data when they have to get their grains  and without the knowledge of beneficiaries the real bio metric data is used and the real beneficiaries have become the fake and bogus ration card holders and they are running from one place to another to get the benefits of schemes. The necessity of Aadhar and bio metric system which was initiated to stop the leakage in schemes for poor has made the things even more worse as without preparation the illiterate people has suffered as government machinery and representatives of people has started to exploit the lacuna in system to fail its real purpose.

The other factor which shocked the writer of these lines was the impact of GST on small businesses and self employed small scale business.

The farmers are not only feeling the distress but their situation can make any one to feel distress as the problem of stray cows and their calves has made the life of farmers miserable as they are unable to protect their crops from collective attacks of stray cows and their calves who are grazing the crops as their green gross and this situation has been converted into a major problem due to the blend of cow politics where the slogan of cow protection was exploited for political reasons without providing any pragmatic solution to this problem as the sale and  purchase for cows and their calves has been stopped and it has made costly for farmers to keep the calf and bull in their houses as they have no use to them with tractor and other machinery are being used in farming and the labor of bulls have been replaced with machinery . Earlier farmers had a choice before them to sale their calf or bull to get some cash in their hands to use this money in their crop but due to the ban on the sale of calf and bull the farmers are compelled to raise the money in the form of loan other than government banks on larger interest to fall in the cycle of debt.

In year 2013 the then Prime Ministerial candidate from BJP Narendra Modi begun his campaign for UP from the Avadh region and addressed his first rally in Baharaich and promised  to bring  corruption free government and assertive, unapologetic  Hindu nature of Government and the people of UP not only believed him in 2014 to give him an unprecedented mandate for Loksabha but in year 2017 people of Uttar Pradesh again believed in the appeal of Narendra Modi to bring BJP back to power after a long period of time .

The decision of central government to overrule the observation and modification of Supreme Court in SC \ST act has disappointed every section of people in state and it also contradict the claim and philosophy  of Hindu consolidation of BJP as they discriminated among Hindus too for particular vote bank.

The contradictory statements and gestures of BJP leaders on the Ram Temple issue have exposed the limitations of BJP in campaigning for Hindutva and practicing the Hindutva.  

Now people of Uttar Pradesh seems angry with Narendra Modi and his governments both at centre and state  on various fronts but the real feeling of the people of Uttar Pradesh can be described in these lines of bollywood song .

“Aisa Jakham diya hai jo na ab bharega , Har hasin chehre se ab ye dil darega”