The Iranian election results and its implications

Democracy and democratic values bring change

Iran went to the national polls in the aftermath of its engagement with western world to open her more to the west and negotiating a deal on nuclear issue on equal level of give and take formula. This nuclear deal was the beginning of the new era in global politics and international relations in modern context to evolve new mechanism and narrative to enter into “multiple partnership” world where contradictions could be converted into strength nor weakness and this deal was also the watershed moment in global politics to pave the way for the future course of action for the global powers.

The  president of USA Barack Obama took a calculated risk to sit with Iran and negotiate with a country which had been hostile to west in general and USA in particular for almost four decades with an alternate world view to overthrow the modern world order monopolized with western outlook and themes and  given this background this decision was not easy but reminded the whole world again how USA has the capacity and character to take tectonic ideological and geol political shift , it also reminded the world of the days of Richard Nixon in USA when the then state secretary Henry Kissinger played a gamble to enter into a negotiation with Communist China to contain the USSR growth in Asian region  .

In 1967 when USA entered into negotiation with China it sealed the fate of USSR for next few decades and after two and half decades the headquarter of alternate world view collapsed and the recent bonhomie of USA and Iran will have larger implications for global politics in next decades but the encouraging results for reformists in Iranian parliamentary elections could accelerate this process and determine the ideological narratives as well in coming days.

Since first world war when Caliphate institution was overthrown and Bolshevik revolution too took place in the same century it was very obvious that political movement of Islamism to revive the caliphate institution and communism become the focal point for those romantic ideas which had revolutionaries instinct  to overthrow the modern world order with something new one .

In the Islamic world who took up arms and tried to revive their ancient tradition of Jihad to galvanize the whole Islamic faithful people under one umbrella never had been able to do so as most of the movements inside the Islamic world who did not like the modernity or western outlook preferred more to follow the socialist , communist or nation state model to achieve their goal as Abdul Nasser in Egypt and during his tenure he did everything to flush out revolutionary Jihadi Islamist , but the real challenge for USA and western world was posed from Iran when in 1979 the Iranian Islamic revolution inspired most of the radical movements across the world not only in the Islamic world but in other parts of the world also who could smell an opportunity to blend the modern  western idioms with purist ideology to ignite the revolution in their parts as well .

Now the recent development has the potential to reverse this process and become a torch bearer for several radical ideas as it gives a space for accommodation to overcome the insecurity of identity  is  being evaporated or overshadowed with westernization in the name of modernity  and not being given equal treatment in modern western dispensation but the endorsement of Iranian people to their leadership for more reform in democracy and openness to western and modern world could inspire others also in positive way.

The Iranian leadership would get more elbow room for reform and moderate conservatism will become more sellable political slogan among conservatives across the world because if people in a country which have been under theocracy and kind of closed mindset for several decades can turn to moderate conservatism it is always easy to inspire others in other part of world who enjoys more freedom and openness in their thoughts and system.

These changes could immediately not reduce the trust deficit between Iran and Israel but the threat of nuclear war will be reduced and leadership of both countries can push for some radical steps in near future and new reformist and moderate Iran will help in isolating the Jihadi Islamists in other parts of the world and the whole war on terror could get new shape from stereotyping of an identity to more productive solution.

The Iranian election results points to an emerging phenomenon in modern world where people prefer to live with an idea of “Multiple Partnership” and narrowing down the differences and reaching out to solutions rather than sticking to rigid postures which reminds the tribal identical thought process not modern one.