The Major take away from Election results

Image- Khas Khabar

The verdict of people in recently concluded five state elections have generated immense enthusiasm among various stake holders and almost everywhere from share market to media and political parties to various organizations having their stake in politics are talking about the verdict of people. The verdict of people in five states particularly in three states of Hindi heartland ( Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan, Chhatisgarh) had been scrutinized and  micro analysis is being done   to extract the real assessment for verdict to   formulate the future strategy according to that outcome.

The recently concluded general assembly elections in five states were watched keenly from various quarters and these elections were declared as the semi final for the upcoming general elections in country which are due in next few months in next year. These state elections were more crucial to the politics of country, as the people’s verdict would not only decide the future course of action for political parties but it would also give the directions to the issues which people want to hear from their political representatives in near future .

The immediate outcome of the people’s verdict in these state elections was about to decide the political future of Congress president Rahul Gandhi who had been struggling to challenge the might of BJP leadership in last four and half years with strong electoral statement. Rahul Gandhi missed a chance to give that statement in Gujarat assembly elections last year when he gave sleepless nights to BJP leadership and tested their mettle in their home turf but ultimately he was unable to cross the winning line and with his unsuccessful stiff battle he could not prove him as a challenger to BJP leadership in electoral battle either in popularity among people or at the level of election management with realpolitik insight.

The outcome of assembly elections in five states particularly in three Hindi heartland states of Madhya Pradesh , Rajasthan and Chhatisgarh was more crucial as in these states the direct electoral battle between BJP and Congress were  on the cards and incumbent BJP governments in three Hindi speaking states were the first layer of wall of citadel for BJP which needed to be breached to enter more deeper into their citadel to defeat them in next general elections and the outcome of these state elections were not less than make or break moment for Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

Congress President Rahul Gandhi campaigned in these states with new strategy and energy to not only reinvent his party but to set the new narrative for his party and he had been successful to reinvent the new narrative for his party to retrieve the lost ground for his party in Hindi heartland particularly in Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh , where BJP and their ideological family had  successfully cornered the Congress party for a long time  to stamp it as Anti Hindu party who does not care for Hindus instead more inclined to other minorities ( read Muslims and Christians) , the BJP along with their ideological family had been able to build their own Hindu vote bank with more consolidation of various Hindu castes and tribal with their appeal of Hindutva.

The real challenge before Congress president Rahul Gandhi was to shed the tag of “ Anti Hindu” and reinvent him and his party before the new generations who have no memory of previous Congress leaders who openly flaunted their practicing Hindu Nature in their political career but the surge of Hindutva politics since decade of 1990’s demanded more assertive show of  Hindu credentials in political periphery and Congress could not see the changing character of Indian politics in last few decades and they could not succeed in balancing the secularism with more demand of assertive Hindu nature of politics and their inability to being assertive and vocal to be proudly flaunting and admiring the Hindu symbols and rituals in public life provided the space for BJP and their ideological family to give the Congress colour other than saffron.

Congress president had tough task before him to penetrate into the Hindutva field of BJP which it had nurtured in last few decades and monopolized it too. The victory of Congress in Madhya Pradesh and chhatisgarh is more convincing and important as it paves the way for tectonic shift in the nature of Indian politics and Congress presents them as the more balancing political force between assertion of Hindutva and secular values before the generation of post Hindtuva era.

Other  difficult task which Congress President Rahul Gandhi had to confront was to turn the table on the issue of Corruption which had been pasted with Congress party successfully since 2011 when the massive movement against corruption took place in country and Congress party become the biggest casualty for this movement and this movement gives a strong perception for Congress party as it has umbilical card with corruption as it had been the longest serving party in power in country and the problem of corruption has the congress footprints in the system and this perception of Corruption had slowed the political growth and credibility for the Congress party in last five years  and the outcome of assembly elections were also going to prove how much Congress president Rahul Gandhi had been able to shed the tag of Corruption for his party and the success for his party in three crucial states proves that people have decided to leave behind their perception for Congress party on the issue of corruption and ready to listen them on various issues which matters to them.

The outcome of assembly elections results would have strong impact on national politics in coming months but the most important of those are the emergence of Rahul Gandhi as the serious and real challenger for BJP leadership in upcoming general elections. The inevitability of Rahul Gandhi to become the glue for other regional parties to gather under one umbrella to take on the juggernaut of BJP leadership. The myth of invincibility for BJP leadership has fallen apart and dilemma between Hindutva and realpolitik will become more challenging for BJP and their ideological family in coming months and they would struggle to find out the real strategy and real issues around which they could build the momentum for their electoral campaign for next general elections.