The Rafale Controversy- cloud of uncertainty

Image- Dainik Bhaskar

In May 2014 when Narendra Modi made sure the convincing win for his party ( Bhartiya Janta Party) in general elections to form the government with absolute majority on its own to become the first political party to do so in more than two and half decades, it was described the watershed moment for Indian politics and more people hoped for a tectonic shift in the whole narrative of India.

The victory of Narendra Modi had several reasons but the most significant and immediate reason was the fall out of the anti graft movement led by Anna Hazare since 2011 which gave a strong perception against corruption in Indian political system and Congress party become the biggest casualty for this perception as the political party with longest serving governments in Country  was found on fault in the perception of people for all the lacuna in political system.

Although a new political party emerged from this mass movement in the name of Aam Aadmi Party which formed a government in capital state of country but its inability to expand its political base in the entire country in short period of time provided a golden opportunity to Narendra Modi to fill in to the shoes in the vacumn of credibility for political leadership and he exploited this political opportunity with his strong political statement against corruption and impeccable  integrity in public life and his appeal along with his oratory skill gave him enough space to draw the gloomy  affairs of political culture in India before him to raise his political stature.

Narendra Modi successfully created a strong perception among the people of country for him as the symbol of honesty, integrity and crusader against corruption to clean up the system and it was the reason that  people of country believed to him entirely  when he announced the demonetization and even people were unable to understand the logic or vision behind this decision but they believed that if Narendra Modi says he is doing it to clean up the system he should be believed  and deserve a  chance and  our support as well.

Months later when people of country realized that demonetization was either confused decision or it has some kind of mysterious reasons behind it which yet to be deciphered , the disappointment with serious doubts for Narendra Modi, among the people of country begin to take shape .

The serious questions around the purchase of Rafale fighter jet is another serious occasion which demands more transparency and some more efforts from Government and Narenrdra Modi to erase the doubts which have taken place in the minds of people. Instead of doing efforts to erase the doubts in the minds of people, the government and Prime Minister  looks more busy in counting the previous scams in defense deals and hiding behind the various agencies and other sources to hurriedly get the  clean chit from them  and stop the whole debate around the Rafale deal.

In last few months there had been interesting fight between opposition parties and the government on this issue, if the  opposition seems to been consistent in their questions for Rafale deal, the  government came out with lot of discrepancies in their response from time to time and the focus of government seems to be more to dismiss this whole debate around the Rafale rather than erase the doubts about its pricing details and other accusations raised by the opposition parties.  In the process of getting out of  this debate in a hurry the government is leaving some footprints behind it every time they try to pull them out to incite more doubts and confusions about this whole debate.

Narendra Modi did a mistake on very first occasion in this whole debate of Rafale deal when he choose to not clear the clouds which surrounded this deal and more he decided to remain silent the more chance opposition parties get to escalate the issue further and create more doubts in the minds of people.

The opposition parties have raised the issue of Rafale on various forums and they have been consistently asking few questions but interestingly Government or Prime Minister never answered those questions instead they told the people to not believe on opposition.

The recent verdict of Supreme Court on the Rafale deal has engulfed this issue in more confusion and the clouds have surrounded in more thick way around this whole debate.  The Government and BJP along with some journalists ( Who have redefined the Journalism with actively taking the sides to not only twist the facts but to confuse the readers and viewers to shape their opinion in particular direction) were  too quick to give  clean chit to government and Prime Minister  on this whole issue as they did not wait to even read the whole judgment which created lot of confusion and later government decides to go back to Supreme Court to rectify the decision in certain Para.

The whole debate around Rafale has now become the battle of perception rather than technical and Prime Minister Narendra Modi who talked about the transparency and integrity in public life and promised to clean up the political system should have   faced the forum  of Parliament to clear the clouds around Rafale deal, as his accountability demands more transparency more than else ,as  he rode on the wave of anti corruption movement and promised to provide clean governance along with new political culture and now he cannot hide behind with his count of scams in previous governments.