The Take away from CPM meet

The new face of left

The ongoing CPM convention in West Bengal is an event worth watching. The decision of CPM to hold its convention in West Bengal after 37 years in itself hints something to read between the lines. CPM is fighting for its survival as well as trying to rejuvenate her in forthcoming 2016 state elections in west Bengal.
Since 2011 when Left lost its power to Mamta Banerjee first time left looks upbeat in her approach to take the political fight with new ideological dimensions. The decision to hold CPM convention in west Bengal after more than three decades with more assertive slogan to save Bengal and save India from TMC in state and BJP in centre says something. CPM is more anxious to wrest the West Bengal from TMC and fortify herself in its citadel of political empire which was once synonymous to left ideology and somehow become laboratory of left in India for several decades.
The newly elected general secretary of CPM Sitaram Yechury indicated hours after his election last year that he will be follow the strategy of Harkishan Singh Surjeet to form an alliance with likeminded groups rather than going alone like Prakash Karat.
The buzz is media on the speculations of possible alliance between CPM and Congress in the forthcoming West Bengal assembly elections could be called premature and highly speculative but it very much is part of the strategy to not only perceive the mood of the respective parties on this alliance but also to float an idea in the air for a greater alliance in upcoming months and years to arrest the growth of BJP.
There had been very interesting relations and equations between left and Congress in the country for last several decades and it needs to be taken into consideration to project the future outcome.
Since 60’s when Mrs Indira Gandhi came in alliance with left parties the power sharing structure and formula between these two had been very fair and convenient. Left always satisfied and contend themselves with the more share and say in the institutions ranging from academics to every other institutions which had long lasting effect on people and generations and in return they never created trouble for congress in challenging her electorally in her strongholds .
In last one and half decades this situation has changed drastically and in most of the places which earlier had been the strongholds of congress had fallen into the hands of either BJP or to some regional parties and this situation is not conducive to either Congress or left . Because most the regional parties which in lose terms can be defined as left are not committed left and they offer their support to BJP from time to time given their political compulsion or personal equations and it has emboldened the BJP in last few years and the ideological polls of left and right had become imbalanced . Now the shrinking base of Congress in states like Uttar Pradesh, Bihar has given an opportunity for left to galvanize her ideologically and open herself electorally with an alliance in Congress where earlier left was not present in terms of electoral success but it was always there to help the cause of left in ideological way.
The new avatar and call of Sitaram Yechuary is a paradigm shift in the political strategy of left and the possibility of alliance with Congress in west Bengal is heavily loaded with its dichotomy to fight with each other in kerala but they seems to be ready to sacrifice their petty political interest to serve their larger ideological goals .
The CPM convention in west Bengal can pave the way for new political churning in Indian politics.