The union budget and its political message

Centre become right and right goes centre left

Narendra Modi led government who stormed to power in 2014 with an unprecedented mandate in which it secured the majority on its own in Loksabha and it almost wiped out the grand old political party from Indian political landscape. It  was the  first time since 1984 that any political party had been able to secure the majority on its own. This political development drew the attention of almost entire world to India and every step of Indian government in general and Narendra Modi in particular was watched very keenly as new dispensation also aroused so much hope, aspirations among various stake holders.

In year 2016 when Finance minister Arun Jaitely rose   in Loksabha on 29th February 2016 to present the third union budget of his government it was very much subject of scrutiny and micro analysis because in previous two budgets the government was given the  benefit of doubt as this period was considered as honeymoon period of government but the third budget has been presented in the time  when this government has completed its one third term in office and this budget is clear indicator for the direction to which this government is heading for.

When Union budget was presented on 29th February 2016 and it put so much emphasis on rural economy and welfare state most of the commentators found it as immediate effect or reaction from government to the “Suit Boot” jibe of Rahul Gandhi on Modi Government and defeat of BJP in Delhi and Bihar state elections but there are more to read between the lines.

Narendra Modi has outlined the political philosophy of his government which is more similar and watershed moment in Indian political history as it was in late 1960’s when it  was outlined by Mrs Indira Gandhi . Mrs Indira Gandhi presented with a challenge to build her own political constituency with some political philosophy and ideology which can sustain for longer period and she chose to walk on socialist path in economic model with communists as his  ideological mentor. In 1960’s when Communists and Congress came together since then both have an understanding between them to not harm each other and not to eat into each other’s political interests in most parts of the country and this coalition is still working smoothly where communists provides ideological, academic and intellectual support to Congress to keep secular , socialist forces intact around Congress and in the return they are accommodated in various government institutions, now the present Budget indicates the political philosophy and political arrangements of Narendra Modi which is in the offing where his economy will go socialist and RSS fits in his scheme where Communists were standing in Congress scheme.

For almost two years in the office Narendra Modi was attacked for being mute spectator in not reigning the fringe elements within his broader ideological family and it was thought Narendra Modi himself does not support to such idea and he equally dislikes these things and narratives  as he was considered from most outsiders as face of more modern, aspirational and liberal India and Narendra  Modi himself silently played both the galleries conveniently to be perceived sometimes  as modern liberal  and   sometimes Hindu Nationalist . In first year he measure out and compared the capacity of both of them to make him win elections and the humiliating defeat in Delhi over Arvind Kejriwal gave him the impression that he cannot rely more on Neo Middle class or emerging youths of Country more for his electoral outcomes as they are more fickle and instable and the defeat in Bihar made him more insecure to take his future political path in more  unequivocal terms to assure the RSS and its ideological fraternity that he is going to take them as his ally for longer political success.

The present Budget has the foot prints of “ Swadeshi” concept of RSS and their hold on present government is clearly visible as this government is  no more the Atal Bihari Vajapee government with Jaswant Singh as it Finance Minister but this is the new government where person like Arun Jaitlely with perceived notion of liberal and moderate conservative is following the inputs and vision of RSS for  new India.

In coming days the more bitter ideological fight, confrontation between ruling party and opposition will be seen along with fragmentation and noise on several issues as to certain issues to which Hindu Nationalist find as article of their faith but some  others find these issues and ideological narrative as highly objectionable and this bipartisan views from both sides  will become bone of contention in near future.

Now time has taken the full circle the in 2002 after Godhra incident the RSS and its affiliates were able to made  a coup against supposedly moderate Atal Bihari Vajapee and from that coup they created  a new mascot of Hindu Nationalism in the name of Narendra Modi now  after 14 years Narendra Modi has to take pay back and he responded positively and find out   a new route in Indian politics to push forward the agenda of Hindu Nationalism and he has outlined the political philosophy of socialist economy with Hindu Nationalism and this road is   so sloppy and have the potential to alienate him either  because even  those  who believe in uncompromising nationalism inside India also  find it very hard to support the vigilantism of Hindu Nationalism on various issues which infringe the space of individual freedom .