Time for test to BJP, will they Act on Agustwestland?

Combative Sonia Vs Aggressive BJP

Weeks before the second round of Budget session begins the speculations were everywhere in the media  about the possible faceoff between Ruling NDA and Opposition led by Congress with several political incidents happened between both sides during the brief interval of Budget session which added more fuel to the ongoing acrimonious relations between both the political groups but the recent disclosure  on  Agustawestland chopper deal with some serious  allegations on senior congress leadership has raised the political temperature to its highest level.

Some reports in Media surfaced which claimed that  a court in Italy during their hearing in the alleged irregularities in Agustwestland Chopper deal have mentioned the names of Congress leadership as the people who were approached to get the deal done  and this disclosure become the biggest news of the year with BJP trained its gun on the top leadership of Congress including Ms Sonia Gandhi and directly dragged her name in the scam and asked some tough questions to her regarding the Chopper deal which was ultimately cancelled during the UPA 2 regime after the allegations of kickbacks and irregularities came out in open during the process of this deal being done .

For last four five years the whole issue of Augstawestland has become more complex and provided the  ammunition of political slugfest between Congress and BJP and it become very difficult for ordinary citizen to understand what exactly the whole matter is all about.

But in new scenario these issues have become less important as some  responsible persons from government and top leadership from the BJP has openly blamed the Congress President Ms Sonia Gandhi to being in  the loop of all the irregularities and claimed that Italian court too has indicted her   in this whole deal and even finance minister in the upper house asked that if Bribe givers  in the Italy have been prosecuted then why the bribe  takers in India are still free . This statement in itself is so serious and grave which  implied  the fact that Government too has some information about the bribe takers.

After the Finance Minister the BJP president questioned Congress president is she considers herself above the law and claim that she is not afraid to anyone and even dared her to disclose the name of those persons who have taken the bribe or kickbacks in this whole deal.

In the background of these statements the whole issue has become really serious and now the government and BJP is duty bound before the people of the country to come out with all the facts on this matter and if they think that Italian court has indicted the senior congress leadership and it provides sufficient ground to act against congress leadership then they should act immediately according to the due process  of law and should not try to use these facts as a leverage on Congress to strike  some behind the screen deal for political convenience.

Since BJP is in the government and in last  three decades this the first time that any political party has  formed the government on its own with majority so it  cannot hide behind any other arguments as previous NDA government hid in the leadership of Atal Bihari Vajpaee and it was whispered that he has  struck the deal of political convenience with Ms Sonia Gandhi .

In  1987  when very first  the Bofors scam surfaced in the public domain since then  BJP and its other associate organizations have campaigned consistently  before the people of the country as Gandhi family have been the kingpin of all the scams and wrongdoings in the country and more than that the foreign origin of Ms Sonia Gandhi was advocated as the genuine  case to doubt that under her leadership the national security  could be compromised  as she is always soft on  terrorism and her  vulnerability  to corruption due to her Italian connection. For more  than decades the country carefully listened to these arguments and gradually find some merit in these arguments and first  in 1996 and then in  1998 and 1999 country gave the chance to BJP to govern the country but despite their large claims on Bofors and other conspiracy  theories which surrounded around Ms Sonia Gandhi nothing concrete happened on the ground in the terms of hard concrete legal proof  but now  this is the test for Narendra Modi himself and his party leaders whether they have something substantial against Ms Sonia Gandhi to drag her in legal court and if they have anything against her  she should face the law .

BJP cannot compare the current situation with Bofors and use it merely as political tool because there is vast difference between the situation of Bofors of  Rajiv Gandhi  and present Agustawestland of Sonia Gandhi because in the case of Bofors   BJP was in the opposition and they promised to put the perpetrators of wrongdoing  before the justice once came to power( Although   it never happened and  it is another story)  but this time BJP is in power and it has every agency and authority  in her hand to investigate the matter and bring an end to this whole saga and mystery which surrounded around Ms Sonia Gandhi and her alleged connection with Italian dealers.

This time BJP  should not be allowed to hide behind any excuse or struck any  backhand  deal for political convenience because if Government and BJP have  blazed all the guns on Congress leadership without proper homework it would be considered as mere immature and desperate attempt of political vindictiveness to teach Ms Sonia Gandhi the lesson for what she did to the present leadership of BJP when she was in power and if they have the proper ground to let law take it own course then Ms Sonia Gandhi should too face the legal course of action from interrogation to arrest if required.  The track record of politicians in prosecuting their opponents on the charge of corruption have been very discouraging as they always find more convenient to use the cases against  each other to settle political scores rather bring them to the justice.