Weaker congress becomes asset to coalition politics

Weak Congress become asset to coalition politics

Politics is always a game of uncertainty and pregnant with possibilities. Almost two years ago when the whole nation responded to the call of Narendra Modi for “Congress Mukt Bharat (Congress Free India) in unprecedented manner and Congress was almost wiped out from national political landscape and after these results  it was subject of curiosity for everywhere to analyze how Congress respond to this challenge . Now Indian political situation has reached to an interesting situation where the oldest political party in Indian political history has decided to turn its weaker point  into its biggest asset to not only to become relevant and survive but to revive the coalition era in Indian politics .

After the massive defeat in general elections in may 2014 it was thought that Indian politics has taken a paradigm shift and BJP has occupied the space in Indian politics where Congress ruled for several decades till 80’s but in the end of 2015 when we look to the signals for future it does not seem to be happening very smoothly.

The more assertive and aggressive expedition mission of BJP to win over the states on its own not only threatened the regional parties but it also provides the space for  Congress to become the left of 60’s where it came to the rescue of  the political parties who want to come together to fight the unipolar domination of Indian politics.

The Bihar verdict has given an opportunity to Congress to rethink on her political strategy and it has shifted her role of dominant national party to become the junior partner of regional parties in states as situation arise and feel satisfied to become the spoiler for BJP .

In contemporary political situation Congress in general and Gandhi Dynasty in particular has become the modern version of decaying Mughal empire in early 19th century where they had no control on territory but their symbolic value and strong legacy could become the source of others to establish their own kingdom.

If today’s Congress reminds the last days of Mughal Empire their political adversary BJP equally reminds the Marathas who kept winning the states but were unable to build on stable empire and become emperor and finally ended as Maratha warriors not emperors.