Why BJP flirts with Hindu Gods?


According to Hindu Belief the deity lord Hanuman has been described as the “ Sankatmochan” ( One who bail out from crisis) but it seems that lord Hanuman  himself is facing the identity crisis and most of the BJP leaders are helping him to bail him out from his crisis.

In last one month people of the country came to know about the castes and religion which lord Hanuman belongs. According to Hindu beliefs the lord Hanuman is called the living God who never dies and lives very much between us and he might be laughing somewhere or lamenting the falling standard of Indian politics that not even spare the Gods if the question of their political benefit arises.

It has been very strange that lord Hanuman who happens to be the most popular, non controversial and worshiped deity among Hindus in every section of people ranging from children to young and elder to older has been chosen to be made the part of controversy from politicians . Even more strange is the fact that the whole controversy around Lord Hanuman has been build up by the leaders of the political party who claims to be sole guardian of the Hindus in Indian society and politics the BJP.

In run up to the assembly elections in Rajasthan the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh who heads the government in saffron clad with his dual image of priest and administrator happens to enjoy more of his priest image rather than Administrator , initiated the debate around the identity of Lord Hanuman when he said in a public rally that Hanuman was a tribal and Dalit and since then the identification of the castes for Lord Hanuman has become curious subject not between the historians but between the leaders of BJP who are coming out with different logics and reasons to describe the castes for Lord Hanuman and even one leader from BJP went far ahead and declared that Hanuman was a Muslim with faith because his name sounds similar to various Muslims names as Suleman, Rehman, Kurban, Furkan etc.

The claim of a BJP leader to describe the faith of Lord Hanuman has made this debate even more interesting because the Lord Hanuman was the significant part of Lord Ram whose time period goes back to not less than 10,000 years ago and Islam originated 1400 years ago, so how the BJP leader was so sure in his argument that according to him Hanuman was a Muslim.

The issue of identification of Lord Hanuman’s castes and even faith can be dismissed by few as the work of some idiots and stupid thing to even discuss to this subject but the politicians sometimes act to   look like idiots and stupid but those who dismiss them as idiots when they act like idiots are even bigger idiots.  So it is important to go into deeper into every act and statement of political leaders because it may have some political message and strategy which we are unable to decipher.

The recent controversy around lord Hanuman too has deeper political meanings.

Any debate around religion and deities or historical distortion polarize the people in some way or the other because it hurts few and irritates few and those who are affected with this debate in either way start thinking on this subject and bring their focus away from some other burning issues. The debate around the identification of Castes and religion of Lord Hanuman would serve the purpose of bringing the focus of people from inflation, unemployment,  price rise in petroleum products to falling value of rupees and grim situation of economic condition of Country to a more polarized and emotional issue which would provoke more emotional response as well.

The other important reason behind the controversy of Lord Hanuman is to respond the issue of Dalit , OBC and Muslim challenge to the ruling dispensation at centre and Uttar Pradesh with religious narrative rather that socio economic narrative.

When BJP got the historical mandate in Uttar Pradesh assembly elections its choice for Chief Minister as priest in saffron clad stunned various analysts everywhere but the choice of priest to head a government was the political move from BJP to confront the caste division in the largest state with religious response to keep reminding the people of Uttar Pradesh that saffron unity depends   on the unity of Hindu castes with religious narrative and the chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh is performing his duty when he come out with religious response  for every socio economic and political question.

The upcoming general elections in the country would throw  a critical challenge before the ruling dispensation in centre and Uttar Pradesh and the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh along with his other colleagues are trying everything to change the narrative and priorities for general elections and their response to every socio economic and political question comes  with religious tinge and in this process the caste identity of lord Hanuman is another effort to respond to Dalits and OBC’s with religious and emotional appeal to bring them in the periphery of religion with utopia ,rather than live in  socio economic and political realities  .

The efforts of BJP leadership to drag the Hindu Gods in their political arithmetic is not new and it has provided results to BJP and this success  has made them even more curious to search out new religious symbols and deities in every election season to flirt with them . The large Hindu population realizes the difference between worshipping the God for their personal faith and selling them for political ambitions. The BJP   would never stop its flirt with Hindu Gods for their political benefit unless Hindus would reject the BJP’s bluff once for all and drag them to level playing field with other political parties to fight the elections and respond the socio economic and political issues without religious narrative.