Why Kamalnath makes BJP Jittery?

Image- Jagran.com

Since results of five state elections have been declared and Congress defeated BJP in the three most crucial Hindi speaking states the response of BJP to these defeats have clearly indicated how these results have annoyed the BJP leadership and its supporters, but the most interesting part is the response of BJP to the defeat of the state of Madhya Pradesh and the choice of the Congress party for the chief Ministership of this state had annoyed the BJP even more.

Since the day of counting in the Madhya Pradesh to the appointment of KamalNath as the Chief Minister of the state , the BJP leadership and their supporters in every field of life are targeting KamalNath in very selective manner to raise the issue of his involvement in the anti Sikh riots in 1984 and the very day when KamalNath was about to take oath of Chief Minister of the state the verdict of Delhi High court to convict the Congress leader Sajjan Kumar in the riots of 1984 , provided an opportunity to the BJP leadership to drag  the name of KamalNath in some kind of controversy , because KamalNath always maintained that  in the whole investigation of Anti Sikh riots case never ever any FIR or case was registered against him  and he was never summoned before any enquiry committee which investigated the case and the whole allegation on KamalNath always proved to be based on unsubstantiated claims.

The sudden buzz around the Anti Sikh riots of 1984 and resurfacing of various names to stitch with this incident needs closer watch and scrutiny as it looks to eyes.

Keeping aside the unsubstantiated allegations against KamalNath in Anti Sikh riots the nervousness of BJP for KamalNath as the chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh needs more analysis to dig into the reasons which made BJP jittery about KamalNath.

The reason of this nervousness lies in the background of KamalNath who comes from an industrialist background and during the election campaign in Madhya Pradesh the BJP threw some taunts to KamalNath to describe him as the tired Industrialist.

If we go in to the flashback of 2014 general elections we can find that one strong reason behind the surge of Narendra Modi was the strong backing of Industry and corporate for him as industry and corporate looked to the policies and political economy of UPA2 as leaning towards socialist economy and creating more space for spending money for welfare cause rather than boosting the free market economy and the strong economic and political statement with leftist and socialist leanings got more support when the big projects confronted with hurdles to get clearance on various levels in the name of environment and other issues and it slowed the growth in industrial output and made the corporate jittery to their uncertain future and in the meantime BJP smelled an opportunity to promise more optimistic future for industry and corporate if voted to power and the promise  changed the game for BJP.

For a long time Congress president Rahul Gandhi was seen as pursuing the policies of the Congress led by her mother and incumbent Congress President Sonia Gandhi who become the face of hard left in political ideology and economic doctrine and gave the space of right in economy to prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh but Rahul Gandhi has changed the course of action for his party and is working to  acquire the space of left and right both to become the real centrist political force in Indian politics who can swing to left and right with equal flexibility as opportunity  requires and the tilt of right in cultural and economic periphery has given the electoral  results to Rahul Gandhi and his choice of KamalNath as chief Minister for  one of the largest Hindi Speaking state and former BIMARU state with having substantial population of people who depends on farming for their livelihood , provides him an opportunity  to show  a glimpse for his economic vision where he can blend the farming with market economy to not only generate more jobs but to explore the ample opportunity for industry and corporate to invest into farming and create growth with job .

BJP who had been the official spokesperson for corporate and industry in last four and half years had not been able to explore new sectors for corporate and industry and the allegations of crony capitalism against them has slowed the enthusiasm for industry and corporate for them and in this grim realities of economy in country the choice of KamalNath with industrialist background as the chief Minister for a crucial state gives a strong political statement to industry and corporate  from Rahul Gandhi that he is ready to partner with industry and corporate if they are willing to provide more job and help the growth rate for him which can be politically beneficial for him.