Will Sajjan Kumar’s conviction affect Rahul Gandhi?

Image - India Today

The Congress President Rahul Gandhi was all set to celebrate his major victory in three Hindi States with participation  in swearing in ceremony of chief Ministers in these states of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhatisgarh and the media was awaiting to witness the show of strength from opposition parties in this swearing in ceremony, but the one news from capital of Country created a little bit of distaste in the winning  party in Congress camp when the Delhi High court pronounced a verdict on anti Sikh riots of 1984 and reversed the verdict of lower court and find the Congress leader Sajjan Kuamr  guilty of conspiring against Sikhs to incite genocide .

The timing of the verdict would not have been even worse for Congress party other than this when the headlines in the media  particularly  in electronic media changed from swearing in ceremony to conviction of a congress leader in Anti Sikh riots and the BJP which was feeling nervous about the visuals of swearing in ceremony of Chief Ministers of Congress in three states got something to cheer and Congress spokespersons who were present in TV studios to celebrate the moment had to confront with  some tough questions to which they had not prepared for.

This sudden change of news headlines tells the story of the challenges which Congress president Rahul Gandhi had to face before he hopes to reach the finishing line to acquire the crown.

The conviction of a congress leader who had been the prominent face for the Congress party in the decade of 1980’s could put some uncomfortable questions before Congress party and leadership but the generational change in the Congress leadership and change of generations since the incident happened in 1984 tells the another real story that even being a talking point the issue does not seem to be creating substantial hurdle in the political journey of Congress party at this juncture because the another visual was the paradoxical reality and generational change of Congress party and generational change in Indian society and politics as well, that the very day when  a strong Jat leader of Congress of the decade of  1980’s was convicted in 1984 anti Sikh riots , the same day the new generation of Jat and  Gurjar leaders in Congress party  with strong  background was taking oath in Rajasthan as Chief minister and  deputy Chief Minister of the state.

This paradoxical coincident  is enough to tell the story how much Indian politics has changed and how the generations of political leaders and caste leaders have changed the perception for them.

The Ani Sikh riots in 1984 were the most unfortunate incident happened in country but the unfortunate part of Indian  politics is the reality  of riots as  the routine course of action  in Indian politics and ranging from communal riots to caste violence and other violence had been repeatedly used by the political parties and other organizations to either deliver a political statement or polarize the people to incite the revenge politics in the name of justifying the theory of atrocity or sudden reaction for action theory.

No political party or organizations which are supporting the political cause in the name of social or cultural garb can claim to be not indulging in the revenge politics for political advantage.

Any time riots happened it had some kind of foot prints of politics behind it and political capital is made out of those riots and conviction for accountable persons  happens after a long and lengthy judicial process but the real motive and mischievous political game which incite the violence always get out of judicial periphery    and between the long process of judicial process  the generations changes and narrative for those riots changes and when after  a long period of time some people face conviction or held accountable for snatching the life of people, the real purpose of justice lose its mean.

The conviction of sajjan Kumar does not seem to be   affecting  the campaign of Rahul Gandhi other than giving some tough time to the spokespersons of Congress party in Television studio  and providing some ammunition to BJP to put questions before Congress to deviate them from talking to target  the  BJP.  The political parties need  to take in to account the new aspiration and reality of Changing Indian politics that revenge politics would not become normal course of action for winning the popular votes and although the political parties are much eager to stitch the moral culpability of Anti Sikh riots with Congress   party but  can they are wash them out from the sin of  playing the game of revenge politics to polarize the people to win the popular votes .